Kim Kardashian defended Kanye West

Kanye West managed to call DJ Next on the radio station, repeating the same phrase “I love you” for several minutes; dismiss your manager; publicly support in his Twitter the most odious figure for Americans - Donald Trump (a completely unexpected step for the rapper, especially considering that Trump infringes on the rights of African Americans) ... And all this happened just recently in a short period of time. "What is wrong with you? Are you generally in yourself? ”- the fans in the comments on the page of the musician are perplexed. Everyone remembers too well how, in 2016, Kanye was in a rehabilitation center with a diagnosis of "nervous exhaustion" - he was tormented by panic attacks and insomnia, so it is not surprising that rapper fans began to worry about the mental health of their idol.

Publication by Kanye West (@kanyewestt_official)Mar 10, 2018 at 6:47 PST

Kim Kardashian decided to stand up for her husband’s eccentric behavior. “For all the media that are trying to demonize my husband, let me say something ... Your comments that his tweets are eccentric and disturbing frighten me.It's so quick to take and hang on him a label that is mentally unstable simply because he behaves expressively and has always been that way - it's just unfair, "Kimi protested in her Twitter. She also added that the dismissal of a personal manager is not a sign of mental illness, as well as sympathy for the current US president. “Kanye is a free-thinking person. Is it forbidden in America? Just because his thoughts are different from yours, did you decide that he had mental problems? ”

True, even Kim has repeatedly recognized that all members of Kanye’s family are having a hard time when he is fascinated by some project. And the sources claim that the rapper in full seriousness considers himself to be God and a genius, and no one decree to him. "If Kanye comes up with an idea, he can easily send at half past two 23 excited messages - just to share his thoughts and discuss them. As if he discovered a cure for cancer ... Yes, he is a creative person, of course, but sometimes he goes beyond all bounds. ”

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