Does Justin Theroux meet with Olivia Mann?

The parting of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux is still a hot topic for discussion. Hollywood gossipers are not satisfied with the explanation that the couple's relationship has cooled because of busy working schedules and living in two cities, they are trying to get to the bottom of the real reason and are looking for, as usual, a third. This time, the shooters pointed to Olivia Mann, a girlfriend of their star couple. According to rumors, during the voice acting of the cartoon "Lego Ninjago" between Olivia and Justin did not have a friendly relationship. The actor continually admired her professionalism, charm and beauty, and did not hesitate to make compliments to a colleague even in the presence of Jennifer. According to the couple's friends, Jen became jealous and the cup of patience in one day reached the limit.

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