Jennifer Lawrence got into an awkward situation aboard a plane

Not all the eccentric tricks of Jennifer Lawrence resonate in the soul of others. So the other day, Jen got into an awkward situation aboard the plane: the actress used the intercom to appeal to passengers with a talk of her favorite American football team Philadelphia Eagles, but almost no one supported Lawrence.

“Hello everyone, this is not a pilot, this is Jennifer Lawrence,” said the star to the entire salon. - Today is the final match of the National Football League, and we all know what that means ... May I ask you to just repeat after me: “Fly, Eagles, fly!” Fly, Eagles, fly! ""

Publication by Jennifer Lawrence (@official_jenniferlawrence)Dec 31, 2017 at 9:37 PST

In the video, which Jen's friends posted on the Web, it is easy to notice that most of the passengers reacted to the enthusiasm of the actress with irritation (or completely ignored him, while continuing to go about their business). And many at all outraged this behavior. In the end, the stewardess, whose intercom, without asking, captured Jennifer, asked the girl to calm down and sit in her seat.It is worth noting that, if not for the starry status of Lawrence, she probably would face a fine, but she got off just a remark from the airline staff. Well, sometimes the best sense of humor can let you down!

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