Jennifer Aniston starred in a hot photo shoot

You can tell as many times as you do not suffer from the former, but your appearance will say the opposite (as is the case with Chloe Moretz, for example). But according to Jennifer Aniston everything is clear without words: the actress after the parting with Justin Thero literally shines, and for the new issue of InStyle, the heroine of the cover of which she became, Jen decided to take a rather frank role.

“I am one of those who wear a T-shirt and jeans in everyday life, but I liked wearing seductive dresses for shooting,” admitted the 49-year-old Star of Friends. Jennifer added that she likes to laugh at absurd headlines in the press, but she never takes them seriously: she understands that her image in life is different from the image in the media, and tries to concentrate on what is really important for her - at work , friends and on how to make the world better.

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