Five-minute blackcurrant jam - photo, video recipe for winter

Five-Minute Blackcurrant Jam

Five-Minute Blackcurrant Jam

There are a lot of tasty and healthy berries, but black currants can be attributed to the best ones without any exaggeration. Jam from this berry not only has an amazing taste and aroma, but also very useful for the human body. Scientists have long established that black currant is a unique berry.


It contains a large amount of vitamin C group. Having eaten 20 berries of currants, you will provide yourself with the daily intake of this vitamin. Moreover, black currant contains substances that prevent the development of atherosclerosis, kidney stones, as well as treat diseases of the respiratory tract and liver.


Both fresh berries and currant jam equally help to strengthen the immune system, reduce body temperature and reduce inflammation in case of a cold. That is why the discussion in our article will deal specifically with the preparation of five-minute blackcurrant jam.


Video: How to cook a five-minute jam of black currant


We provide you an excellent recipe for the quick preparation of a fragrant and tasty jam from a currant (video). When cooled, this useful delicacy is gelled, the main thing is to observe all the proportions and not to regret sugar.




  • 1 kg of black currant;
  • 1.5 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 1.5 cups of water.




So, to begin with, mix the water with half the cooked sugar in a special enamel saucepan. Put the syrup on the fire and bring to a boil. While preparing the syrup, you need to sort out the black currants from the garbage. Carefully wash the berries and let the water drain. Currant is laid out in sugar boiling syrup and all this is brought to a boil over high heat. As soon as you see that the skin has appeared, it means that you need to remove the fire to medium and boil the jam for 5 minutes, stirring constantly.



After 5 minutes of cooking, add the second half of sugar to the billet and immediately remove it from the fire. Sugar should be well stirred until completely dissolved. That is the secret of this jam. Ready hot treat is laid out in sterilized jars and closed with metal lids. Store in the refrigerator or in a dark cool room.We add that according to this recipe, five-minute blackcurrant jam can be prepared in a slow cooker.


Black Currant Jelly

Five-Minute Blackcurrant Jam


Naturally, in currant jam, which is cooked for 5 minutes, many more useful properties are preserved than, for example, in 1.5-hour jam. But many of us prefer to cook jelly from berries, so we can not tell you about the recipe for its preparation.




  • 1 kg of black currant;
  • 2 cups of water;
  • 1 kg of sugar.




Black currant berries should be well washed, poured into the prepared container and add water there. All this is put on the fire, brought to a boil and cooked over low heat for 10 minutes.


Then you need to squeeze the juice from the berries. To do this, it is best to use a hand press, namely to place the berries in a linen bag and squeeze the juice out of them. The resulting juice should settle for about 5 hours, then boil it over low heat until 1/3 of the total volume boils away.


Then gradually add granulated sugar to the jelly. When this ingredient dissolves, you can try a delicacy.If the mass thickens quickly, then the jelly is ready, and if it spreads on a saucer, then you need to cook more.


That's all, pour black currant jelly into clean jars, close the lids and remove for storage until winter in a cool room.

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