Jacket for a baby with a hood

Knitting needlesGentle and comfortable Jacket for a baby with a hood.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% wool, 50gp / 105m) 250-300-300 (350-350) g;
  2. circular knitting needles (60 or 80 cm) 4 mm;
  3. wooden buttons 4-4-5 (5-5) pcs.

Pattern Description

Size (s): 1 / 3-6 / 9-12 / 18 months (2-3 / 4) years

Dimensions in cm: 50 / 56-62 / 68-74 / 80 (86 / 92-98 / 104) cm

Density of knitting: 21p x 28r stockings viscous = 10x10 cm

Shawl: persons. the item both in front and in seam ranks. 2 rows = one hem.

Scheme: see scheme M.1 and M.Z. The first row in M.1 and M.Z = purl row.

Hinges: close on the right plate on the front side of the n. for the holes for buttons. 1 hole = knit together the 2nd and 3rd loop from the middle of the forehand, we make a nakid. Close the buttonhole hinge at the height of:

Size 1/3 of a month: 4, 10, 16 and 22 cm

Size 6/9 months: 4, 11, 18 and 24 cm

Size 12/18 months: 3, 9, 15, 21 and 27 cm

Size 2 years: 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31 cm

Size 3/4 years: 3, 11, 19, 27 and 34 cm

Knitting description


We knit back and forth on the circular needles from the middle of the front to the armhole. Then we knit the front and back separately, then we put loops on each side for the sleeves.The jacket is made with seams on the shoulders and armpit.


Recruit 117-131-145 (155-169) loops (including 6 slats on each side from the middle of the front) on circular needles of 4 mm yarn. Knit 6 rows garter viscous - see above (the first row of the front).

At the same time, we add 1 loop before the 10th and after the 11th loop from the middle of the front; = 121-135-149 (159-173) loops. We put the marker after 34-38-42 (44-48) loops on each side (= 53-59-65 (71-77) loops between the markers on the back).

We knit the next purse as follows: 6 garter knits (= front group), M.Z (= 10 loops), M.2 on the next 89-103-117 (127-141) loops, M.1 (= 10 loops) and 6 scarves (= front band). We continue to knit according to the pattern and remember about the holes for the buttons - see above. At a height of 16-17-20 (23-25) cm, we divide the part by markers, then knit the front and back parts separately.

Right shelf

= 34-38-42 (44-48) loops. We continue to knit according to the scheme, as before, at the same time adding new loops for the sleeve at the end of each purl row to the side as follows: 4 loops 2-2-3 (3-3) times, 8 loops 1-1-1 (1-3 ) times, 10 loops 1-1-1 (2-1) times and 19-22-23 (23-24) loops 1 time = 79-86-95 (107-118) loops.

Note: we knit the newly assembled loops according to the scheme M.2 according to the figure.After the last inclusion we knit as before, except for the last ten loops to the edge of the sleeve - these loops knit with garter stitch (= cuff-flap). When there is 1 row left up to the height of the product 23-25-28 (32-35) cm - the next row should be inside out - we knit 2 loops together through two face loops twice on 4 loops of the strap (knitting sequence - 2 persons, 2, 2 , 2 persons p., 2 together). In the next facial row, we put the hinges at the middle of the transmission onto the auxiliary pin 9-11-12 (12-13). Next, we form a rounding of the neckline, for which we reduce at the beginning of the row in the middle of the front: 2 loops 2 times and 1 loop 2-2-3 (3-3) times = 62-67-74 (86-96) loops remained on the spoke ( = shoulder + sleeve). We continue to knit according to the scheme in M.2 and close when the part is in length 27-29-33 (37-40) see.

Left Shelf

We knit as the right shelf, but mirror.


= 53-59-65 (71-77) loops.

We continue to knit according to the pattern M.2 as before, while we collect loops for the sleeves on each side at the end of each row, as described for shelves = 143-155-171 (197-217) loops. Now we knit on the scheme M.2 with 10 loops of garter stitching on each side of the sleeves (cuff flap).

At the height of 25-27-31 (35-38) cm, close the average 17-19-21 (23-23) loops of the neck cut and finish each shoulder / sleeve separately.For rounding up, close 1 loop at the neckline in the next row = 62-67-74 (86-96), leave the loop on the spoke (= shoulder + sleeve). Close the loop when the item will be in length 27-29-33 (37-40) cm.

Repeat on the other side.


Sew the shoulder seams / seams of the sleeves, from edge to edge with neat stitches. Sew the seams under the arm. Sewing buttons.

Turning off the cuffs of the sleeves, if necessary, fasten them with several stitches.


We collect approximately 55-75 from the neckline (includes loops with auxiliary needles on the front) to 4 mm circular needles.

We knit two rows with faces - from the seamy side and the front side. At the same time, add 85-89-93 (97-101) loops evenly.

We continue to knit under the scheme M.2 with 6 loops on each side of the garter stitch. At the same time, we recruit another 6 new loops at the end of the next 2 rows for bending = 97-101-105 (109-113) of loops and knit these 6 loops with garter stitch. Continue to knit under the scheme M.2 with 12 kerchief on each side until the hood is 21-23-25 ​​(27-28) cm long. We close the loops.

We fold the hood, sew to do at the very top.

Turning away the edge associated with the garter stitch and fasten it down at the neck on each side.

If necessary, fasten the lapel of the hood with several stitches.

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