It became known how Gucci managed to increase sales by 49%

With the arrival of Alessandro Michele for the post of Gucci creative director, brand sales are growing. Over the past three months, revenues have increased by an incredible 49%, and - which is no less interesting - the brand manages to maintain the love of the millennials, who usually don’t favor luxury brands, but are ready to make an exception for Gucci. Needless to say, other fashion houses are sleeping and seeing, in order to unravel marketing techniques and repeat the same success. How does Gucci do it? The executive director Marco Bizzarri at the WWD summit assured: the secret weapon that everyone is talking about, they still have this ... “special council of millenial”. The council consists of employees up to 30 years old who analyze what they are interested in themselves and what will interest their generation of “games”. They also offer three ideas each day that can make Gucci even cooler. And it works: proof - Millennials account for 50% of sales.

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