Is it possible to become a woman of dreams

So what is it that turns out to be unreal to become a woman of dreams? Not certainly in that way.

The fact is that all this diversity of men's wishes, what a woman of a dream should be, often comes down to two simple things:

A man should be comfortable living with a woman under the same roof.

A man should be pleased (not ashamed) to go out with a woman in people.

There is a third point, but about it a little later.

A man can say that a woman of his dreams should certainly cook borscht well, but believe me, no borscht will save the relationship if a woman nests a man every evening on the theme of scattered socks, a towel that was not hung up, or a mug that has not been washed clean. Because, despite the delicious borscht, living with such a woman is uncomfortable for a man.

Or another example. Suppose a man dreams of a long-legged model, but all get used to the appearance of a partner with time. After a couple of years for him, her long legs will become as familiar as brushing your teeth in the morning. And if a woman, except for long legs, has no more merits, then living together with her will be more boring than books from the school curriculum.

However, if you think that it is enough just to become just like a man, you are mistaken. You will adapt to his needs - you will not become a woman of a dream, but simply comfortable, like a sofa. And in the sofas do not fall in love. And here we come to the third point, which is important to observe that the men dream of you:

A man should appreciate a woman, and not take it for granted.

So what to do to appreciate?

Be a person

If you, as a trained dog, fulfill all the commands of a man, he will never be able to see the person in you, which means he will not appreciate. For nothing. No one will appreciate and respect a person just for the submissive offerings of dinner and washing things. You must have a character that is important to show at the initial stage of dating. A normal man needs an ally, an ally, a partner, but not a servant, even if he earns ten times more than you.

Is it possible to become a woman of dreams

Do not forget about life outside your relationship

Do not give up all the cases and plans, just on the horizon looms decent man. He will not appreciate and respect you, if for his sake you abandon your girlfriends, study, work, relatives and rush to him to the ends of the world, barely on the screen of the phone will sms-ka from him. A man falls in love with a woman in her absence, and not when she is constantly around.

Be slightly impregnable

Of course, you do not need to mock the man and make him crawl behind you on your knees. Tea, not a princess. But let him feel at least a little bit like a real man, a hunter, a conqueror. Let his interest in you manifest, do not jump on his neck on the second day of dating. Small difficulties will not hurt him.

Watch yourself

This does not mean that you should always be at parade and fully armed, but self-care should be an integral part of your life. First, it’s better for you, and secondly, a man will see that you love yourself, caress, do not spit on your appearance, and therefore will love you himself. Many times I said that if you do not care about yourself, why should you appreciate others?

Is it possible to become a woman of dreams

Do not be indifferent to his interests.

Nobody makes you go to football matches, but you can not remain indifferent to his life either. If you don’t know what he does for a living, don’t know what he loves and what he cannot stand, unable to support with a word in a difficult moment, then why do he need you at all?

Don't be a bore

You can be very smart and interesting in communication, but if you are a chronic bore, then no one wants a serious relationship with you. Bores are annoying. And if you still have a sense of humor is lame, then all - you can put a cross on yourself!

Develop self-confidence

Worthy men choose self-confident women, because it’s boring to communicate with uncertain people, it’s impossible to fall in love with them, they can only be pitied. And these women are sticking, as a rule, unethical men. Do you need unethical men? I doubt it.

Be interesting and a little mysterious.

When a woman is simple, like a felt boot, she does not cause interest. Well, or cause interest in the one whose hobbies are limited to football on TV and beer on Fridays. If you have a busy life, work, hobby, then you will attract men as well. Those who want to be part of this interesting life. To win a simple thing is simple, but to get an interesting woman is another matter.

Is it possible to become a woman of dreams

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