Interior design of a small apartment

Who said that a small apartment is bad and cannot be turned into a comfortable, beautifully decorated, functional accommodation? What is needed for this? Just be able to correctly prioritize and create the right organization of the available space.

The designers developed and tested many techniques of rational use of small space. The first thing that needs to be done is to divide the available premises correctly into zones, for example: recreation, working and eating area. This technique will allow you to visually increase the room space.
Some tips from the designers in this article will help you correctly zoning an area using every useful centimeter of a small apartment. So, the working area is best determined by the window. In order for the workplace to become a convenient first thing, it is necessary to replace the usual window with a plastic window with a wide sill or tabletop.Formed by this side walls, you can take shelves for books or make beautiful stucco, ordering it on the website salon Hageri. The old bulky heating battery will also have to be replaced by a more modern flat radiator. With this design decision from the curtains must be abandoned, replacing them with a Roman curtain.

Every woman dreams of her own wardrobe. If you think that this is impossible in a small apartment, then you are deeply mistaken. It is the presence of a dressing room that will help to release a lot of useful space due to the fact that some furniture - bulky cabinets, chests of drawers, pedestals for shoes will not be needed.
The choice of the environment is very responsible and requiring a thoughtful step. Creating the interior of a small apartment is better to abandon the large-sized, space-consuming furniture. The furniture transformer will be ideal, its range is huge and various: beds, chairs, shelves and racks. All these items are lowered and raised on specialguide, move into the walls and into each other. For example, a bed after transformation can turn into a workplace or a chest of drawers. If for some reason you do not want to use such furniture, then designers advise you not to clutter the space with an abundance of things. Two or three large objects and a small number of small ones placed in the apartment will not create a sort of cluttering room, it will not look tight and cramped. The sofa and chairs should be without armrests and voluminous backs. In general, it is better to refuse seats from the chairs, replacing them with puffs.
You can visually expand the space using mirrors and, of course, using a light color palette in the design. Mirrors can "move" any space.
When choosing colors for small rooms, follow the rule - the shade of the ceiling should be lighter than the color of the walls. Designers are advised to abandon the dark, heavy tones. The brighter and brighter the decoration of walls and ceiling, the room seems wider and higher.
>Main - do not be afraid to experiment and try something new and it will all work out!

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