Interesting sights in Tallinn

If you want to know Estonia, and such as it was several centuries ago, then by all means go to Tallinn. There are a lot of interesting things here!

What is this city?

Tallinn is not only the capital of Estonia, but also the largest city in this country, as well as an important sea, passenger and cargo hub. In addition, Tallinn is considered a cultural, political, economic and scientific center, so most tourists go here.

Regarding the origin of the name there are several points of view, so it was translated from Estonian as “Danish city”, “manor, castle, house”, as well as “winter city”. Tallinn is located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland in Northern Europe, and only 80 kilometers from Helsinki from this city!

The length of the coastline of the city is about 46 kilometers, and it includes three large peninsulas: Kakumäe, Kopli and Paljassaare.

The city is divided into eight parts, and each of them is managed by an elder, who is appointed by the Tallinn city government. The population is about 500 thousand people.

How to get there?

To get to Tallinn, for example, from Moscow or St. Petersburg is possible on almost all modes of transport, with the exception of water transport. The city is regularly visited by buses and trains, as well as by airplanes. By the way, from Tallinn you can easily and quickly be able to get to Helsinki, ferries run daily to it.


The climate of Tallinn can be called quite mild and favorable, although the air is still humid, which is explained by the location of the city on the shore of the bay. In summer it is quite warm, but still not hot, the temperature during the day is on average 19-20 degrees. In winter there is about 0, but at night there are often frosts. In the middle of spring here about 10 degrees, as in the middle of autumn.

The water temperature in the hottest summer months only rises to 16 degrees, so swimming in the Gulf of Finland is not very comfortable, but they don’t come here for that.

Where to stay?

There are a lot of hotels in Tallinn, and there are different “stars”: from two to five. You can also stay in a hotel, guest house or hostel, such options are suitable for poor tourists.

Public transport

Tallinn has all kinds of public transport: trams, buses, trolley buses. Tickets are purchased directly from the driver or at newsstands.In such stalls also sold tickets for the day, and it is very convenient and profitable. Taxis are quite inexpensive, payment is made on the counter. It is also possible to rent a car, but this will require applicable international law.


So, what to see for tourists on holiday in Tallinn?

  • Town Hall Square is practically the heart of the Old Town.
  • The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a stunningly beautiful and stately building.
  • The Church of Oleviste is visible from everywhere because of its towering above the city spire.
  • The Dome Cathedral is a building dedicated to the Virgin Mary. He rebuilt many times, but retained some of the original features.
  • Toompea Castle. This amazing and interesting building towers on the eponymous hill almost in the center of the city and attracts tourists for many years.
  • The Kik-in-de-Kök Museum is located in the tower and is dedicated to wars.
  • The "Rocca al Mare" museum will allow you to go back several centuries. Under the open sky there are several dozen buildings of the last four centuries.
  • Park Kadriorg for his wife Catherine built himself Peter I. This is a real masterpiece of the Baroque era.
  • The Tallinn City Museum will acquaint you with the history of the city and country.
  • The Niguliste Museum is a former church that today is popular among tourists.
  • The House of the Blackheads is a trade guild building.
  • If you walk around Tallinn, you will certainly notice the city wall, which was built in the distant XIII century to protect against enemies. It is located around the perimeter of the city, and its height in some places reaches 20 meters.
  • Photo Museum, located in the building of the former city prison.

Useful advice: if you plan to explore Tallinn along and across, it is advisable to purchase a Tallinn Card. This is a special tourist card, which provides the opportunity to enjoy the benefits or even free to get to some interesting places.

By purchasing such a kind of universal pass ticket, you can see about 40 attractions (including museums), ride public transport, make sightseeing tours on foot, by bike or by bus and even visit a popular nightclub. A tempting offer, isn't it?

What to do in Tallinn?

Fascinating classes in this wonderful city will surely be found. Here are some of them:

  1. Take a photo against the background of the Gulf of Finland and by all means enjoy its gorgeous view.And also remember that somewhere very close is a unique and amazing Finland.
  2. Be sure to stroll through the Old Town. The walk will take only a couple of hours, but you can see Tallinn as it was several centuries ago.
  3. After seeing the old part of the city, located approximately in its center, go to the new one. You will see an incredible contrast of the Middle Ages with outlandish buildings and modernity with skyscrapers and bright lights. This is impressive!
  4. Just immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city, enjoy the measuredness of the locals, the calm and peaceful flow of a completely different life.
  5. To appreciate the city from a bird's-eye view, climb onto the Patkuli viewing platform.
  6. Enjoy Estonian cuisine. The residents of Tallinn are very kind to what they eat, so that all the dishes are elegant, beautiful and made from natural products. Restaurants and cafes in the city a lot.
  7. Be sure to meet a stunningly beautiful dawn. The view of the sun, rising above the Gulf of Finland, will charm you and fall in love with you at first sight.

What to bring from this city?

If shopping is included in your travel program, then by all means bring from Tallinn:

  • Knitted product: socks, sweater, hat, mittens, waistcoat. Such things will definitely come in handy.
  • There are a lot of craftsmen in Tallinn, so be sure to buy some interesting handmade items. Especially popular are souvenirs made of glass, leather, stone, wood, wool, dolomite, and ceramics. For such gifts it is better to go to the House of Masters or Katharina Lane.
  • Buy something from the kitchen utensils. Especially delighted items from juniper, with a unique flavor.
  • If you like sweets, then you will definitely not be indifferent to the “Kalev” brand of chocolate, which is known almost all over the world (in Europe for sure).
  • Amber jewelery. This is a great souvenir for connoisseurs of beauty.

Now you can safely go to Tallinn. The journey will surely be terrific!

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