Interesting options for garden gate design plots

Any garden plot is surrounded by a fence. And the entrance to it can be interesting and unusual. To make it exactly like this, pick up a beautiful garden gate. How to choose it?

Determine the size

How to determine the ideal size of the gate? It will depend, firstly, on your personal preferences, secondly, on the purpose and characteristics of the use of the passage, and, thirdly, on the size of the fence.

It should start with the width, since it determines the comfort of the product. It is advisable to dwell on the middle variant, since a too narrow gate will simply be inconvenient. And if you plan to drive a bike or a moped through the aisle and, moreover, drive a car to the site, then the width should be impressive.

Height is determined by taking into account the height of the fence. Ideally, the gate will look, the upper and lower edges of which will coincide with the edges of the fence.But minor differences are permissible and sometimes appropriate.

Choosing the right material

Which material should I choose? There are several options:

  1. Wicket from metal is strong and durable, but requires special care. So, it will need to be regularly covered with paint so that it does not start to rust.
  2. The gate from a tree is capricious in leaving, it is not too strong and not very durable. It must be treated with special compounds and paint over, otherwise it will simply rot. In addition, such a product can break the attackers. But it will cost cheap.
  3. The shod gate looks elegantly, it will make any garden site found refined. But such material requires care. In addition, the product will not protect from prying eyes and wind. The disadvantages include the high cost.
  4. Gates from a professional flooring are considered one of the most popular. Still, because they are durable, practically do not require care, they protect from wind, prying eyes and sounds. And one more plus is an affordable price.
  5. Today there are plastic wickets. They are very reliable, quite affordable, easy to clean, durable and durable.

Variety of styles

Since the garden gate has a special place in landscape design, then thinking about how to choose it, pay attention to the stylistic direction in which such a product is made.

Possible options:

  • Classic style. The classic gate can be made of wood or metal. In any case, it should not be excessively ornate and richly decorated.
  • Country or country style. In this direction, a wooden gate with a thread will fit in.
  • English style. Having chosen such a direction, you simply must acquire an elegant and rich wrought iron gate.
  • The gate from metal or from a professional flooring without excess details will fit into modern style.
  • The gate in the Japanese style can be made of dark wooden slats or beams.

What else should be considered when choosing?

When choosing a suitable gate, the following important points should be considered:

  • Fence. The gate must be combined and harmonized with it, remember this. For example, if the fence is wooden, then an exquisite forged product will be simply inappropriate, like a metal door. In this case, you should stay on the tree.In the metal fence will look harmonious door from the same material. The same applies to wrought iron fencing. And if it is concrete, then choose a forged or metal wicket.
  • Design of a garden site and a facade of the house or giving. The gate should emphasize the style, and not stand out and be a separate element.
  • Colour. Option two. The first is a complete coincidence in tone with the fence. The second is the choice of a different shade, combined with the color of the fence. For example, if it is beige, then brown or burgundy wicket will harmoniously fit into it. If the fence is white, then almost any color would be appropriate. A green or red door will look fresh and unusual against a beige fence.
  • One flap or two? If the gate is small, then the two doors will look ridiculous. And if the size is impressive, then, on the contrary, it is desirable to choose a folding gate, which in this case will not only be more convenient, but will also give the fence a certain sophistication, chic.

Interesting ideas

If all the ready-made gates seem too boring, banal and ordinary, then create a real masterpiece with your own hands.

Creative ideas:

  • Fantastic wicket in the form of a hut. It is a teremok with two side walls and a roof. The gate serves as the door of the hut. This entry looks just wonderful!
  • Wicket from garden tools. Surely, every summer resident has several unnecessary tools that nobody uses anymore: a blunt saw, a hoe, a rake, and so on. If you collect all these items together and fasten together, for example, nails, wire, or even glue, you get an interesting creative gate. But all sharp parts should be at the top, and quite high.
  • Flower gate. If you make the simplest door of the rods (you can connect them with the help of rails) and let vines pass through them, then you will get an elegant flowering gate. And if you replace artificial flowers with artificial ones, then such a product will delight you all year round.
  • Gate "Web". If you have a frame from an old door, then pull a rope on it to make something resembling a spider web. In the center of the plant a decorative spider. By the way, you can do it yourself. Sew the abdomen and head from fabric and fill with cotton wool, and make paws of wire.
  • Gate "Pencils". If you have thin logs, then process their ends to make cones. Paint the tips of the cones and the main parts in different colors, and then connect all the finished parts with wooden bars or staples.
  • Gate "Heart". Cut a few boards so that they form a heart. Connect the parts with racks or bars.

Opening design

To make the gate look even more stylish and bright, you can make an interesting opening.

We offer several options:

  • Arch. This passage will look elegant and elegant.
  • Visor. It will not only make the design of the fence more vivid, but also protect the gate from getting wet.
  • Living framing. Use climbing plants for decoration.
  • Threshold. He will allocate the passage and favorably emphasize it.

How to decorate the gate?

For the decoration of the gate, you can use a variety of accessories, including homemade:

  • Figures carved from wood. These can be flowers, animals, insects, fairytale or cartoon characters.
  • An interesting and bright look stained glass.
  • Use live curly or artificial flowers.
  • The role of unusual accessories can play garden tools, including unsuitable, for example, the old hose, broken into two parts watering can and so on.
  • Old toys.
  • You can hang on the gate a wreath made of dried branches and flowers.

Let the garden gate be not just a part of the fence, but a stylish detail of landscape design.

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