Interesting ideas using the microwave

Microwave ovens every day are becoming increasingly popular and truly necessary in our kitchens. Their importance and benefits are hard to overestimate. And it seems difficult to come up with something new, but we will try to give you some simple and interesting tips on how to expand the traditional functionality of your kitchen assistant. Think you know everything? Are you ready? Go!

If you want to take a microwave in St. Petersburg, we recommend choosing an online store using price comparison services. As for the microwave, they are so convenient that they allow you to easily and quickly cook even fried bacon. Put it in a paper towel on a plate, cover with a towel on top and turn on the oven for 5 minutes at high power.

Loyal assistant

If you need to quickly cut the onions, but do not want to cry at all, place the onion, after cutting off its ends, into the microwave. Heat it for half a minute and the irritating tear glands will evaporate.More bow will not bring you to tears!

If your potato chips have stopped crunching, put them on a paper towel in the oven. Warm up a little, and excess moisture will be absorbed by the towel. Your chips are ready to crackle again! If the bread has become stale, place it in the same way for 10 seconds in the oven at maximum power. Only pre-lightly soak the towel. Not soft enough? Repeat.

You can do the same with crispy cookies or flakes if they become stale. In this case, you do not even need a paper towel. After a short heating, the products will become fresh. A paper towel or napkins may be needed to defrost baking. They will help to absorb moisture, and the products will be more dry and tasty.

Do you like roasted nuts? Who does not love. Scatter them on a platter, place in the microwave, turn it on for one minute at high power. A minute later, open the microwave, mix the nuts and repeat the operation five times. Delicious? This is it.

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Everyone knows that eggs can not be cooked in the microwave. They explode. But is this the reason to deny yourself a delicious scrambled eggs? Break eggs into a cup, add salt, greens and everything that your soul desires. Put the cup in the oven, turn on the high power and wait 3 minutes.Voila! Delicious scrambled eggs are ready. Or maybe you like poached eggs?

Your "kitchen friend" is here to help. Break the egg in a cup of boiling water and add a drop of white vinegar. To save the yolk, insert two toothpicks there. Cover the cup with cling film and put it all in the microwave oven. 30 seconds at maximum power, gently turn the egg and another 20 seconds into the stove. The egg is ready.

A microwave helps not only fry or bake. If you like beans or lentils, then you know that soaking them can take up to the whole night. The stove can cool down this time. Just pour the food into a bowl, pour water into it, add a little salt and heat in the oven for ten minutes. Then reach and wait 40 minutes to cool. That's all.

And one more secret, the last one for today. It is necessary to peel the garlic, but there is no extra time. Put the garlic in the microwave for 15 seconds. After heating, the husks will become slightly damp and easy to clean. Fruits and vegetables can also be easily peeled. For example, peaches or even tomatoes. Only here it will take 30 seconds. After heating at maximum temperature and a couple of minutes to cool down, you will be surprised how easily the peel leaves the food itself.

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