Interesting and bright makeup with white arrows

Classic black eyeliner for a long time remains fashionable and relevant. With its help, you can create both discreet and more explicit makeup. But for those who really want to look stylish and bright, makeup artists offer to experiment with the antipode - eyeliner, pencil and shadows of white.

Non-standard solution

For a while, white was undeservedly forgotten in the make-up industry. But today he confidently regains his former popularity. How to properly make up with cosmetics of such a shade so as not to create the effect of applying chalk or alabaster?

  • A new kind of old shooter. If you have always adhered to a conservative style, using an exclusively black eyeliner, then it is time to refresh it a little. To freshen up the make-up, you can draw a thin white line over the already existing black, and the depth of view can be emphasized if you completely replace the black liner with a white one, as shown in the photo.

Particularly relevant will look arrows made corner, when the line passes through the upper eyelid and reaches almost half of the lower. Choosing this option, abandon the use of mascara on the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, and focus on the expressive eyebrows.

  • Smoky eyes. The effect of "smoky eyes" continues to be in the trend, but stylists and make-up artists recommend to improve it by conducting a light line, and removing it for the region of the century. Further, the effect is fixed, as in the traditional version, with two shades of shadows, which gradually merge into each other.
  • One shot - two birds with one stone. If you make a make-up with white arrows drawn along the line of the inner century with a pencil, then you will not only make the look more expressive, but also hide your red, tired eyes.

Who will do this kind of makeup?

It refreshes perfectly dark and tanned skin, and also goes well with gold and bronze shades of decorative cosmetics. But girls with small eyes should be careful with similar experiments. Despite the fact that light tone visually increases the volume, in the case of eyes the effect will be opposite.

Make-up experts advise combining white arrows with gray shadows and red liners if you want to create a retro image. Red lipstick will also help to add brightness, an example of such make-up can be seen below. Sensual lips and "open" eyes - the most for pleasant dates, fun parties and even special occasions.

Do not be afraid to experiment with images, because they make a woman's life even more rich and interesting. But do not forget to listen to the advice of specialists to look really stunning.

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