Ideas for chic oriental dance costumes

Oriental dance is not just a modern hobby that women enjoy almost all over the world, it is a great way of self-realization and fulfillment of their own desires. Having mastered such ancient and mysterious art, a woman begins to wield a new body in a new way, new aspects of her inner world are opening up for her, which allow her to fall in love with this amazing culture.

Better more

In addition, oriental dance is able to improve the physical condition of a woman;

In oriental dance, the costume is of great importance, only with its help each woman is able to turn into a fairy-tale princess Shakherizadu, who is able to fascinate the public with merely light movements of her hips.

Bright colors and unusual shapes will allow you to achieve a stronger effect from the dance,the beautiful lady in such a dress should resemble only a slight wriggling shadow, covered with lace covers.

The whole mystery and eroticism of such a dance is concentrated precisely in the inaccessibility and concealment of the spectacle, which is surrounded by an aura of sensuality and romanticism. However, a costume for oriental dances is not the only important point, the corresponding hairstyle and make-up will complete the harmonious image completely.

They should be bright

Those girls who have been doing this kind of art for some time know for sure that a new and high-quality costume will be quite expensive, and it’s not easy to find one that would sunk into the soul.

That is why many ladies wonder how to make it yourself, because with even the smallest sewing skills, you can achieve quite pleasant and even unexpected results. What will be your future costume for the dance - it completely depends on your imagination and desires, however, certain details of the oriental look are still necessary to know.

What is it made of?

The most common set consists of the upper part - the bodice embroidered with an elastic belt, which plays the role of a peculiar corset, it visually increases the volume of the hips and, thereby, adds to them the amplitudes of movement.

The rest is occupied by a skirt, on which the belt is fastened. There are also closed styles of suits; they are represented by another set of details: the embroidered dress and bloomers that are worn under it.

Typically, this style is used in folk dances: dresses can be made of satin, large mesh or velvet, for the beauty of its sheathing fringe and sparkles. Scarves are knitted on the head and on the byrd with monists, sometimes they also use monist belts.


Before you begin to sew a costume for oriental dance, you need to decide on the style that best suits your figure. For example, suits with trousers and an open bodice are a very seductive and sophisticated outfit that best suits slender ladies with appetizing forms.

If you feel that those extra pounds are still present in your body, it is better to give preference to styles with skirts or with a dress.

A skirt in an oriental costume is a very beautiful and feminine detail that can also be made in a wide variety of variations. You just have to choose which of them will best emphasize the beauty of your body and, importantly, will not hold down the movements in the dance.

Variants of skirts. Which one to choose?

  • Skirt sun.It is believed that this is one of the most popular options, probably because of its splendor and lightness. Best of all, they look at slender girls, to create it you can use a variety of materials: silk, viscose, chiffon and others. A little secret: if a fishing line is sewn into the hem edge, the edge will be wavy.
  • Skirt-fish. More suitable for skaters and well-fed ladies with curvaceous forms, the "pomp" of the tail can be varied depending on the number of wedges, usually six or eight. A nice bonus of such a cut - with the help of wedges you can hide the hated "ears" on the hips.
  • Straight skirt. Also a very popular option for women with curvaceous.

You can fantasize about the style of a skirt for a long time, dilute them with cuts, second layers of material, combine textures and colors, decorate with all sorts of beads, rhinestones and fringe. When tailoring a skirt, it is important to remember that its length should end at the level of the ankle, so as not to step on the hemline during the dance.

An important part of the image is a belt.

When sewing a costume for the dance with your own hands, you must pay special attention to the belt, because it is considered the most important element of the whole image, the most beautiful and alluring highlight of the costume.It is important that he sat quite firmly on the hips, was tough, but not enough to squeeze the stomach.


Usually it is attached directly to the skirt with velcro, buttons, or simply sewn with thread, only in this way it will sit confidently on the hips and not slide on the stomach. The shape of the belt can be very different, starting from a simple strip, ending with complex patterns and notches.

Beautiful belt

Gathering the whole belt together is laborious and difficult work, because it is completely necessary to sheathe sequins, beads and beads, usually fringed from glass beads, which beautifully flutters during the dance, are sewn around the edge.

Sew the top of the suit - bodice

In fact, it is the belt and bodice that make up the main part of the costume, they can be combined with almost any skirt, the main thing is that they are combined with each other in color and decor. An ordinary smooth bra of a suitable color, which is completely sewn from the top with appliqués, sequins, beads and braid, can become a material at hand to create a bodice.

True, it is far from always possible to choose the bodice of the desired shape and size, therefore for such purposes it is necessary to work with what is, adjust, sheathe with other matter and adjust to fit your size - here you will have to be patient.

For example, if the chest does not need to be visually increased, then it is necessary to take the bust one size larger as a basis (after trimming, it will definitely decrease by 1 size).

Embroidered bodice

If there is such a need, then take the bodice two to three sizes larger, but do not overdo it during the wrapping with material, so that the result will not be an imbalance with your figure. If you sew a costume for a child, then a shortened T-shirt, richly sheathed with appliqués and drinks, can act as a bodice.

Choose a costume and dance with pleasure.

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