I want to lose weight: where to start?

"I want to lose weight, where to start" - with these words, women usually turn to a nutritionist or residents of thematic forums.

In this article, the most important recommendations are formulated that it is desirable to follow before starting the full weight loss process.

How to start losing weight

Consider a detailed action plan.

Get tested

This stage is often neglected by most slimming. But in vain, because as a result of an improperly chosen food system or gymnastics, you can seriously undermine your health, and the older you are, the more true this statement is for him.

Therefore, before you go on a diet or begin to perform physical exercises, make sure that your body is able to bear the proposed load, visit the therapist and all the specialists he will recommend.

Get acquainted with the theory

If you want to permanently get rid of extra pounds and maintain a flourishing appearance for many years, you will not be suitable short-term diet type "10 kg per week."Such methods of losing weight give a very short-lived result, if it will, in general.

What is the reason? It's simple: a person is designed in such a way that he cannot lose more than 100–150 g of pure fat per day, all the rest is water, which cells and tissues lose. When you return to the normal diet, the body will quickly restore the water balance, and the most unpleasant, will try to make a supply of nutrients in the form of fat. The circle is closed.

In addition, people with impaired renal function are contraindicated methods of nutrition with a high protein content, and a lack of fat often leads to dry skin and an unhealthy type of nails and teeth.

To avoid such problems and mistakes, it is important to study the theory of weight loss. It will help you choose the right diet, dose the load and lose weight without affecting the metabolism and nervous system.

For example, read more about our articles.

But, of course, you should not be limited to them.

Designate goals

The next step will be to set goals. In your case, this means deciding by what time you will achieve the desired weight indicators, as well as the volumes of different parts of the body (usually the chest, waist and hips).

Setting goals performs a dual function: sets you up for weight loss and helps develop a detailed action plan.

Make a plan

And it must be done in writing. Armed with theoretical knowledge, calculate how many kilograms you plan to lose and estimate how many months it will take. In this case, note that in a month you should not try to get rid of more than 2-4 kg. Now you know how much should weigh and how you will look at a certain stage of losing weight.

Next, determine what you will do, how to change your own habits to achieve the selected indicators. Decide how often you will go to the gym or do homework.

After developing a plan, proceed to its implementation. An important point: if you see that the plan does not work or does not quite suit you, be sure to make adjustments. This is a normal practice, because it is unlikely that you will be able to take into account all the nuances from the very beginning, and the goals may change over time.

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