How are wrinkles formed on the face?

Healthy skin - smooth, radiant, pleasant to the touch, and having a uniform color. But, unfortunately, age does not work for her. Medical research confirms that the first aging processes begin after 25 years. It is during this period that wrinkles begin to form. About how their formation occurs, we will tell further.

Skin Structure

In order to understand the mechanism of age-related folds, it is necessary to understand the features of the structure of the skin. It is divided into three layers:

  • the epidermis, located outside;
  • the dermis, located in the middle;
  • hypoderma, which is a subcutaneous fat tissue.

The top layer is our reliable protection from environmental exposure. But over time, it gradually becomes thinner, and therefore the moisture is not so good and long retained inside, and the UV rays penetrate deeper.

In parallel with this, regeneration processes are also slowing down.

Inside, everything is also not cloudless. The content and production of collagen responsible for elasticity decreases, and even the connective tissue undergoes changes.The number of vessels in it is gradually reduced, and, therefore, nutrients are supplied in smaller quantities.

As a result - friability, dryness, sensitivity. So the first wrinkles are formed.

Noticed how with age women have sagging cheeks and skin in the neck area? This is because the subcutaneous fat reserves are “melting”, and, accordingly, soft tissues decrease in volume.

Smooth, like silk - myth or reality?

An important factor in the healthy appearance of the skin of the face - good muscle tone. But they, unlike the body, cannot be pumped in the hall.

What to do in this case? Wrinkles appear and are seen particularly strongly in places where the muscles are tense and over-stressed most often (for example, in the region of the eyebrow area and forehead), and skin sags, on the contrary, in those areas where there is no load.

Therefore, first and foremost it is important to establish the right balance of muscles. To do this, you can resort to one of the following methods:

Put them on twice a day - in a vertical and horizontal position for 1-3 hours.

  • Posture. Our body is a complete system where everything is interconnected. Nutrients, blood flow and lymph flow to the face and back occurs through the neck.And if you have the habit of hunching, then in this way you not only look not particularly attractive, but also disrupt the exchange of fluids.

In addition, there are still quite a number of measures for the prevention of wrinkles. And it is important to follow them in a complex.

  • The correct posture. Many women do not even think that the posture during sleep can affect the condition of the skin. The habit of sleeping, buried in a pillow, is precisely the main risk of premature wrinkles.

Ideal - sleep on the back. By the way, the material of which the bed is made, also plays an important role. Cotton is the least suitable because of its rigidity, and silk is the most suitable.

  1. Cosmetics with SPF. Means with protective filters should be available not only in summer, but year round. UV rays do not sleep even in winter, leading to photo-aging.
  2. Proper makeup application. Used to stretch the eyelid skin when applying eyeliner? Actively and with pressure use a cotton pad to remove the remnants of cosmetics? Expect skin to become wrinkled over time in these areas. Remember that the face is a very delicate zone, and it is worth treating it carefully.
  3. Proper nutrition.Revise your menu, and limit the use of sugar. It is not only deposited on the sides, but also "glues" the molecules of elastin and collagen, thereby reducing the elasticity of the dermis. You can reduce wrinkles and delay their appearance by including fatty fish and adequate amounts of vitamin C in your diet.
  4. Massage. A pleasant and useful procedure that improves blood flow. Moreover, it is important to massage not only the face, but also the scalp and neck.
  5. "Injections of beauty." Most women are no longer afraid of such manipulations, because their safety and effectiveness is time tested. For example, botulinum toxin injections can be used to correct facial folds.

And it is worth remembering that the formation of wrinkles contributes to stress and negative emotions. To deal with this can and should be. The most effective methods are walks in the fresh air, mastering breathing practices, meditation, swimming, a hot bath or a contrast shower.

If you want your face to shine with health, it had a young, well-tended appearance, a smooth tone and was devoid of all cosmetic defects, it is also necessary to give up bad habits.After all, it has long been proven that women who smoke wrinkles are noticeable by 20-30% more than those who do not have such an addiction.

The skin is a reflection of the state of the whole organism. Take care of yourself and remember that time is beyond our control, but high-quality and proper care will help to delay the appearance of wrinkles as much as possible.

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