How do vitamins fit together?

Everyone knows that without the necessary amount of vitamins, our body will not be able to work fully. Almost all nutrients come with food, and if they are not enough, the doctor may prescribe a special course of synthetic drugs.

But after all, we often buy such drugs ourselves, without any help, without even thinking that their combinations can be dangerous. In order not to subject yourself to such experiments, we advise you to read the article to the end. And you will surely find out who is “friends” with whom.

They are not a pair

An organism is a mechanism in which chemical processes take place every second. And so that useful components are maximally absorbed, it is necessary to pay attention to their combinations. After all, some couples help each other to do it, while others, on the contrary, interfere.

Let's start with a list of those elements that should not be taken together:

  • IN 1. By itself, thiamine, if taken frequently, can cause allergies. And together with B2, B3 and B12 the probability of its appearance increases several times.

Despite the fact that B1, B2 and B3 are in a single group, the last two completely neutralize the action of the first. And taking tianin simultaneously with manganese and calcium, again it will not be possible to get a noticeable effect, because the minerals interfere with the absorption of B1, reducing its solubility in water.

  • AT 2. Riboflavin is not recommended to combine with iron and copper, they significantly slow down its absorption.
  • Vitamin C. Even by itself with long-term intake, ascorbic acid helps to flush out copper from the body. Harm it brings, if taken with iron.
  • Vitamins A, E and K do not allow each other to fully penetrate into the cells, and therefore lose more than half of their important actions.
  • Calcium. Carefully read the composition of the selected complex. If it simultaneously contains an element necessary for bones, as well as iron, manganese and zinc, refuse to purchase. Calcium prevents the assimilation of other minerals, and they, in turn, accumulating in large quantities, contribute to calcium deficiency.
  • Zinc with vitamin B9 creates a pair that is practically insoluble. In this case, the use is useless to wait.

It should be noted that these elements are not compatible with each other in one preparation.But they can be taken separately, provided that at least 4-6 hours pass between doses.

Give good!

But, fortunately, there are a large number of substances that are perfectly combined with each other, without reducing the effectiveness of each other, and sometimes increasing it. Here they are:

  1. Group A. Its elements can be combined with the intake of zinc and iron. And in combination with ascorbic acid and tocopherol (E) oxidation of all substances decreases, which leads to better absorption.
  2. Group B. Magnesium and ascorbic acid will help to fully absorb B12. Some substances of this group will be a good company of potassium and zinc.
  3. Group C. Preparations, which include both “ascorbic”, chromium and iron, are recommended for use. Like E with C. The latter prolong the action of each other, recovering from the oxidation process.
  4. Vitamin E. It reveals its antioxidant properties fully, interacting with selenium.
  5. Calcium, which is so important for bones and teeth, acts in full force when combined with elements such as K and B6. They allow you to retain calcium in the body, and prevent its premature elimination.
  6. Iron, the lack of which leads to anemia, is recommended to take in combination with A and C.

It is also worth remembering that vitamin-mineral preparations may not have the desired effect if alcohol, tea and coffee are consumed in parallel. These drinks often inhibit, and sometimes even neutralize, the action of important additives.

Pharmaceutical companies recommend checking compatibility with special tables that are freely available in many pharmacies and the Internet.

Consultation with a specialist who will help to clearly determine what is missing in the body and how much it should be taken will not be superfluous.

And one more fact, which many do not even think about. Interfere with the normal absorption of useful substances can parasites. Do not let them appear in the body is almost impossible, because periodically from such unwanted "guests" need to get rid of.

And finally, an important recommendation - to drink capsules or tablets is recommended after eating, squeezed with enough water. Tea, compote and other drinks are not suitable for this.

Be healthy and watch your food!

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