How to write an explanatory note?

The explanatory note is a necessary and integral part of the thesis student work, it is especially important when writing a diploma in technical specialties. However, many students do not have a clue how to write an explanatory note. Let us dwell on how to write an explanatory note in brief, giving our readers a brief plan of action in the form of important tips and recommendations. So.

The explanatory note is drawn up in the form of a report and, together with the diploma, is transmitted to the supervisor of the graduate, and then to the reviewer. A diploma review of the established practice, as a rule, is written according to such a note.

Remember that members of the examination committee will also study it. So its accurate and accurate preparation needs more time and attention. Certain formal requirements and certain standards have been drawn up in order to correctly write an explanatory note. They mainly concern its structuring.

How to write an explanatory note: sample

  1. First of all, write a plan, according to which the explanatory note will be correctly written. The points of such a plan should go in strict sequence. The first is the title page, then the summary, table of contents, introduction. This is followed by the main text, which is divided into chapters and is applied to numbered sheets. At the end of this note is the conclusion and list of references. In the event that applications also go to the explanatory note, then you should attach them after the list of references, while numbered them.
  2. Before you put into practice the clean version of the explanatory note, create its draft. So it will be easier to correctly write an explanatory note. The draft should be based on those goals and objectives that were set during the work on the diploma. Creating a note, do not forget to create a brief analysis of the authors of papers on the topic of your diploma and your predecessors who wrote their diplomas on the same topic. Do not forget that the central theme of the note should be the formulation of the research task that you had in your work during the preparation of the diploma.The result of such work should be brought in conclusion of the note, and it is desirable to back it up with concrete figures, if, of course, you have them.
  3. The introduction of the explanatory note can be started by explaining why you chose this particular topic for writing your thesis or research. Indicate exactly what, you see its value and importance. Feel free to point out the difficulties and difficulties that you encountered on the way to a diploma. Do not forget to indicate in brief the contents of the chapters of the explanatory note. Each of the chapters of such a note should end with a conclusion. On the basis of such conclusions you will have to write a conclusion.

The usual volumes of explanatory notes are for bachelors 30 pages (no more), and for masters 80 pages (no more). This number does not include pages with tables, tables of contents, drawings, lists of references. In more detail about its drawing up, you can learn.

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