How to write a transfer application?

Vladimir Kulinich
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How to write a transfer application?

Many probably had to �transfer� from one position to another or from one job to another. For those. To whom it was not possible to do how to write the application for transfer, our article will tell.

Why do I need a transfer statement

The statement of a particular employee about his transfer should be the basis for the order of his transfer, and the order - the basis for recording data in the workbook. In this, first of all, the employee is interested: if the entries in the workbook do not confirm the positions that are indicated in the resume, then there are difficulties in further searching for another job. After all, an employer may decide that a person has �embellished� his knowledge and experience in order to present himself in a favorable light.

In practice, career changes, if they are associated with raising or the possibility of engaging in more interesting employee cases, are preceded by an oral agreement with the employer. In a number of firms, such personnel formalities are generally neglected,This is especially common in small businesses. Some companies may not know what to do in such cases.

Drawing up an application

Let's make a sample application for translation, which, like all other applications, starts with a �cap�. The first lines, as a rule, reflect who this application is intended for. The decision on such a transfer is made only by the head of the company, which means that there must be his name. In the first line you need to write a position (for example, the general director or president), in the second line - his last name and initials.

The following lines refer to the employee himself:

  • position;
  • surname and initials of the employee.

Below in the center of the page is always written the word "Statement".

From the new line you need to write: "Please translate me ..." and further, for example:

  • in the case of transfer within the same firm structure, then indicate the new position.
  • if the transfer is between departments of the company, then you need to specify the department where the person and position will be working.

At the end you must put the date (left). If such a statement is written by hand, then you need to put a signature (on the right opposite the date).If printed on a computer, then you just need to sign and take to the personnel department of the company.

Now you know how to write an application for dismissal by transfer and not only!

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