When you hear this question: "How to write a resume for a job?" - I want to answer a little bit sharply. Resume for the work you need to write very well. Without a clear and understandable resume, no self-respecting employer will invite you for an interview. There are absolutely clear rules on which you need to make a summary. Today, we will try to highlight these rules. So:

How to write a resume at work?

Basic rules for compiling:

  • All information about the applicant should be disclosed as fully and clearly as possible, but without excesses.
  • The resume must necessarily include a complete list of work experience that corresponds to the position claimed by the applicant.
  • All information in the resume must be confirmed.

These are the three basic rules without which a good resume cannot be made. Let us examine the composition of the summary by blocks:

  1. In the first block write your name, address, phone number (area code as well). You should write the full name, that is, the surname, name and patronymic. The address where you live or where you most often visit.A telephone number where you can be reached at any time. These are the main attributes of a good resume.
  2. Describe your goal. Indicate the position you are applying for. This is important as it leaves a good first impression of a resume. A good first impression is 50% success in getting a job.
  3. Next you need to describe the work experience. This is the main part of your resume. Robots should be placed in reverse chronological order. That is, from the last to the very first. In this part, you must specify the date of commencement and termination of work, also describe your position. If you held several posts, then you need to reflect them all. If people have worked under your leadership, this should also be noted. Write also the name of the organization and contact numbers. If there are recommendations from organizations, then it is necessary to attach them to the summary. Briefly describe your duties. If your success was somehow noted at the previous place of work, then you need to briefly write about it. When describing achievements, action verbs are necessarily used. For example, "increased", "reduced", "multiplied" and so on.The more specific the information submitted, the greater the chance of success.
  4. The next block of correct resume is education. If your work experience is really great, then you need to write very little about education. The name of the institution, years of study, specialty and topic of the thesis. If you are a student, then the education block should be placed in front of the work experience block. The fact is that students have practically no experience in the specialty, and if there is, then it is usually insignificant. As recommendations, young professionals should note that your resume and awards should also be included in the resume. These can be olympiads or contests, seminars or scientific conferences where you participated and were appreciated. All certificates and certificates must be attached to the resume. This is perhaps all that is needed.
  5. And the last block. It usually includes a description of the additional information. This may include knowledge of foreign languages ​​and the level of this knowledge. Knowledge of the computer or special equipment that will be needed in future work, and the level of this knowledge. The presence of a driver's license and their category.Membership in various organizations or unions. You can also note hobbies and passions, but this is only if these activities are closely related to the specifics of future work.

Here, perhaps, all that can be reflected in the summary. You can also contact the specialized agencies, where for a fee you will be offered to create your resume. Making a good resume is not as difficult as it seems, however, if you really want to take any vacant place in a cool office, it is better to leave the job of writing your resume to professionals.

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