How to write a recommendation?

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How to write a recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a type of feedback about an employee from his former boss or colleague. Far from all institutions is a mandatory document when applying for a job, but such a letter can be a significant plus at the interview and when the employer makes the final decision. Consider the basic principles of the recommendation.

How to write a recommendation: semantic content

This document should contain a summary of the professional qualities, achievements and advantages of the applicant. It is thanks to the recommendation that a potential employer can get an idea of the candidate�s business activity, and also find out the opinion of his former colleagues on his approach to work.Letter

When writing a letter, it is recommended to avoid common rubber stamps like �reliable, executive employee�. A letter of recommendation should interest the potential employer, and the abundance of �on-duty� definitions will not be able to make the proper impression and is unlikely to attract attention.In the document it is better to list the facts of the employee�s participation in projects, the achievement of specific goals and indicators, and the holding of successful negotiations.

In the process of writing recommendations should take into account the universal qualities that any applicant is looking for in a potential employee. It is on them that emphasis should be placed when writing a recommendation. Any employer would like to see in a worker such qualities as reliability, honesty, responsibility, activity, and also a desire to develop. A good letter of recommendation contains brief information confirming that the employee has these characteristics.

Guidelines for the recommendation

To correctly write a recommendation, you should know the basic principles of its design. All text, if possible, should fit on one sheet. Any letter of recommendation begins with a headline. Appeal after the title is indicated in the event that a letter is drawn up for a specific employer.

Then usually there is information about how long he worked recommended in the previous company and in what position. For example: �Ivanov I.I. as an accountantLetterEconomist worked in the company StroyMir under my leadership from June 10, 2010 to July 10, 2014. �Next is information about the duties of the former employee, a brief description, a description of the applicant�s strengths and achievements during the work, if any. The document can also indicate the reason for leaving the employee from the previous job.

It is better that the letter of recommendation was on the company's letterhead with the signature of the person who prepared the document. It is also desirable that the letter be sealed. This will not only be a plus for the applicant, but will also give solidity to the company that provided the recommendation.

When writing recommendations, you should specify the contact information of the person who signs the document: his first name, surname and patronymic, as well as a telephone number. If possible, the letter is certified by the signature of the head of the company or the personnel department.

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