How to wear topaz?

A transparent mineral with hardness and brilliance is distinguished by a variety of shades: the color range starts from brown and ends in blue. Common shades: blue, yellow and pink.

Topazes were prized by ancient kings and kings, who adorned with stones the attributes of power, paintings, cups and statues. Russian nobility learned about topaz in the 18th century, when deposits were discovered in Siberia.

Due to the density of topaz, jewelers diamond cut the stone, which provides versatility and radiance. It is difficult to look away from artfully processed topaz, therefore women appreciate jewelry inlaid with this mineral, not less than diamonds.

Who can wear topaz: the secrets of the zodiac

The ancients believed that stones should be worn in accordance with the date of birth, or the sign of the zodiac - so the jewelry will bring good luck and enhance positive character traits.

Topaz symbolizes fire, fate checks, life lessons and enlightenment. The stone is favorable to uncertain, shy people, to whom it gives decisiveness and purposefulness.

What zodiac signs topaz favors, and what - brings trouble?

  • Aries are strong and independent, so they do not need topaz support. But the timid representatives of Aries, born from April 11 to April 20, will feel a growing self-confidence when wearing a stone.
  • With topaz, Taurus achieves enlightenment if they do not suffer from neurosis.
  • Twins are advised to wear topaz in order to protect themselves from unfavorable passions, become wiser and attract wealth.
  • Crayfish will become more perceptive and successful in the profession if they wear a pendant or suspension with topaz.
  • Leos are advised to choose yellow varieties of the mineral, which will bring an optimistic outlook on life and good luck.
  • Topaz will make Virgo more attentive and sensitive, protects from the evil eye.
  • Libra blue topaz will give long-awaited balance and enlightenment, will help to find your own "I".
  • Scorpios will find a balance and stop falling into extremes if they acquire topaz.
  • Sagittarius will become calmer and more rational with topaz, which will protect him from hasty decisions and unfavorable contacts.
  • Topaz will save the Capricorn family from quarrels and disagreements.
  • Aquarius wear topaz is not recommended because of the eternal internal contradictions.
  • Fish will gain good health and tranquility when wearing topaz.
How to wear topaz?

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To whom is the topaz: we emphasize the virtues

Do not believe in the signs of the zodiac? Then you can choose a suitable topaz in accordance with external data.

Blue topaz emphasizes the transparency and insight of gray and blue eyes. Rich bluish shades of stone are recommended for brunettes, and light smoky ones are recommended for brown-haired women and blondes.
Pink topaz is recommended to be worn by young ruddy girls with pale skin and brown eyes. Pink topaz and green-eyed seductress suit, whose eyes, combined with such a stone, will become deeper.
Yellow shades of topaz fit brown-eyed and green-eyed girls with chestnut, blond or red hair. Golden stones will emphasize their natural naturalness and attractiveness.

The combination of topaz and clothing

Topaz is so bright and attractive that it can become a central element of the image. How to choose clothes for jewelry with topaz?

Topaz is a gorgeous stone for cases. It is not recommended to wear it in combination with everyday clothes, as it looks pretentious and inappropriate. A suitable frame for topaz is a cocktail or evening dress in combination with classic accessories.

Have you seen purple or turquoise topaz? It is probably a colorless mineral tinted by artificial means. These stones are cheaper than natural ones, so when buying, take this into account.

Tips for choosing clothes:

  • No time to choose the appropriate case image? The simplest option is to wear a dress that is similar in color to the color of the stone with which the pendant or earrings are encrusted. For the dress, pick up shoes and a handbag in the same tone, it is permissible to use shades a little darker than the main one. Make sure that the metal elements (rim jewelry, clasps on the bag and shoes, barrette) were the same color.
  • Any color of topaz goes well with white clothes. The main thing that the stone was framed in white gold, silver or platinum.
  • Blue topaz combined with clothing gray, milk, coffee, sand tint.
  • Pink stones tint purple, lilac, turquoise.
  • Brownish minerals are universal, and they are worn at business meetings during the day, and at evening events.
  • Amber topazes are suitable for creating bright sets with a blue, green chocolate color scheme.

A good tip for last: buying topaz in the store, do not be afraid to experiment with color. Try on jewelry with topaz of different shades and compare the compatibility with skin tone, eye color and hair. The variety of options is infinite, so you should not limit yourself to generally accepted norms.

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