How to wear fur

In this case, it is important to remember the basic rules. For dresses, individual vests or detachable sleeves are best suited. The best optionfursin this case is shorn mink. Vests themselves are also very relevant, especially cute fur buttons, balls, in addition, the vest perfectly warms even in the most severe frosts.
Fur boa will transform even a simple black turtleneck. This outfit looks very elegant. However, in this case, the turtleneck should be made of high-quality fabric, for example, from thin wool. In this package, you can confidently go to the most expensive restaurant.
A very fashionable and interesting option are fur, most often astrakhan, sundresses. Of course, in a strict working atmosphere they are inappropriate, but, for example, they are ideal for meeting with friends. So, if you decide to envy your former classmates or win the heart of a new acquaintance, a fur sundress is ideal.
If we talk about accessories, here the key word is moderation.A fur coat, for example, blends perfectly with the fur trim of shoes, even iffursdifferent textures. A fluffy bag looks good with mittens. But if you wear it all together, the zest is gone.
In addition to clothing, fur jewelry is very popular. Best of all these decorations look in combination with simple clothes. In this case, the fur completes the image. But if you are demanded of strictness in the image, such trinkets are inappropriate.
As for the more traditional fur coats, there have also been changes.

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