How to wear diamonds girl?

Few women will refuse to have diamonds in their jewelry box. These stones are noble, luxurious and expensive. Not so long ago, such decorations were considered appropriate only in special cases, for example, at evening receptions, and painted women aged 40+. Today everything has changed, and how to properly wear faceted diamonds will tell further.

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In the modern world, the rules that diamonds should not be worn by an unmarried young girl are considered a relic of the past. To look stylish, it is enough to know the rules of the combination of jewelry and have a good taste. Let's start.

  • You can wear precious stones in 20 years. But it is worth remembering, the lower the age, the neater and less they should be. After 30 you can afford already larger options.
  • Time is not a hindrance. It is not necessary to wait six months to finally put on your chic kit for some social event or other celebration.

The jewelry industry makes earrings, pendants and rings with tiny, sometimes even shards, gems that do not look too pretentious and flashy.Carnations or studs, thin rings, small pendants, such jewelry can be worn even in the office.

  • Wear where you want. Previously, jewelry etiquette was so strict that putting rings with a gem on the other finger of the left hand, except for the unnamed, was considered a terrible move. The woman was instantly “diagnosed” by the absence of good taste, even when she put the diamond on the middle finger. As a result, the choice was small - the index remained.

Fortunately, today these rules have sunk into oblivion, and women can afford to decorate any finger on any hand.

  • Observe a sense of proportion. Especially if you go to the celebration. "King of stones" should not overshadow the beauty of your decoration and yourself. If this is a headset with small stones, then it is necessary to observe the rule of three.

If you are a happy owner of a large shining cut diamond, then do not distract attention from it with additional accessories. He just will play the role of "highlight" of your image.

  • The right thing. Agree, a girl with expensive earrings and a ring of incredible beauty,dressed in youth style "street chic" will look a little ridiculous. Still, gems are a status thing, so the ideal pair for it will be a constant classic. Conciseness, restraint, strict cut, neat styles - its main characteristics.

In a word, clothes should be such that others see and understand - here there is a present lady.

  • Family heirlooms. This is a special type of jewelry that requires special occasions to put on, and a carefully selected set of clothes. But you must admit, such an accessory will transform not only the bow itself, but also a woman who will feel and even behave quite differently. If you think that vintage relics are outdated, you can always change the frame, and give them a modern look.

Diamonds are always in fashion. It is stylish and elegant. Such decorations are able to present their mistress in the best light, provided that her image is flawless. Shine and be the center of attention!

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