How to watch movies on mobile

You will need
  • - A mobile phone that supports viewing video files;
  • - Internet connection;
  • - Converter software for video files;
  • - USBcable.
Find the video file with the movie you would like to watch on your mobile phone. The most common format that most mobile phones support is 3Gb. You can download movies in this format on the Internet. To find them is quite simple - there are many sites offering videos for mobile phones.
Convert a movie from avi or mpg4 format to 3gp format if you could not find it on the web. To do this, you need to use a special program converter for video files, which can also be downloaded on the Internet. Modern video file converters contain a database with settings for different phone models. Just find your model in the list and begin the process of transcoding.In smartphones based on Windows Mobile, Android, iOS or Symbian, you can install players that allow you to watch videos of almost any format. Player programs can also be downloaded from the Internet or purchased from the developers website.
Copy the finished movie file to your cell phone. For this, it is best to use a USB cable. In the menu that appears on the phone screen, select "Storage" or "Storage". Then go to the phone's memory card using the "My Computer" icon on the desktop PC. Send the movie file to the phone folder, which is usually called Video. If there is no such folder on your cell phone, create it from your computer. Right-click on the open window with the phone's memory card. In the menu that appears, select "Create" and then "Folder." Create a folder name Video.
Disconnect the mobile phone from the computer. Open the “Gallery” section in your mobile phone and select the “Video Clips” or Video folder. Highlight the video file downloaded from the PC and select the “Play” line from the menu.

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