How to use ecological skin and what is it?

Eco-leather is a modern and practical material. But what is it made of, what is it made of? And how to properly care for such products? Find out all this!

A bit of history

Animal advocates have existed at all times, and they always sought to protect our younger brothers. And that is why attempts to find a replacement for genuine leather have been made for a long time, but have not been successful for a long time.

All the resulting materials are much inferior in quality and performance. But in 1963, American scientists managed to make a discovery. They created a unique coating that was very similar to natural leather, but it was part of the synthetic group. Since it was launched into mass production, the number of animals killed for the sake of skin has significantly decreased.

What is this stuff?

What is eco-leather? This is a material derived from polyurethane. It got its name because it allowed to protect animals and did not have a negative impact on the environment.


How to get eco-leather? As already noted above, eco-leather is made of polyurethane. It, in turn, is a complex substance obtained using a complex multi-step technology. Such material can be called safe and relatively eco-friendly, because in normal conditions it does not release harmful substances into the environment.

In general, eco-leather consists of two layers. The first is a polyurethane film, and the second is a woven material, for example, cotton. The polyurethane is painted in the right color, heated and applied to the fabric base, whereby the two layers are firmly bonded to each other. Then, with the help of special equipment, embossing is carried out, which allows repeating the pattern of the surface of natural leather.

What is made of such material?

Ecoskin was quite widely used. Here are some products made from it today:

  • Clothes: skirts, trousers, dresses.
  • Outer clothing, for example, jackets.
  • Accessories such as bags, gloves, covers for cars, phones and laptops and so on.
  • Furniture: sofas, armchairs, poufs.
  • Various decorative elements for clothing or interior.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other material, eco-leather has its own characteristics. First, let's list its advantages:

  • Relatively high frost resistance (up to 30-35 degrees of frost). It is much higher than other skin replacements used.
  • Ecoskin is very similar to the natural one and even repeats its natural pattern, so it is almost impossible to distinguish these two materials during the inspection.
  • This material is much cheaper than genuine leather.
  • Ecoskin is very soft and elastic, which makes products made of it comfortable and practical to use or wear.
  • The production of this material does not affect animals. Negative impact on the atmosphere is also not provided, so the production can be called completely environmentally friendly, and this is a big plus.
  • The size of a single piece can be almost anything, which allows you to make bulk products of fairly complex shapes. When using natural leather, this is problematic, and sometimes it is simply impossible (because of this, there are seams on the objects that spoil the appearance).
  • Durability and wear resistance. The product from this material will serve for a long time, retaining its original characteristics and pleasing the eye.
  • Resistance to deformation.Even if the eco-leather is stretched or creased, it will immediately return to its original state due to the strength and simultaneous elasticity of the polyurethane film.
  • Caring for products is very, very simple. No effort or special tools required.
  • A wide variety of colors. And since the dye is added to polyurethane, and not applied to the surface of the film, the shade does not wash off and does not burn out in the sun.
  • This material is absolutely hypoallergenic.
  • Ecoskin is pleasant to the touch.
  • Outerwear made of this material reliably protects from wind and moisture, which is very important.
  • Under normal conditions, eco-leather does not emit toxic substances.
  • The material has no smell.

Now some cons:

  • A relative disadvantage is the fact that the eco-leather is less frost-resistant than the natural one. So, with a long stay in the bitter cold, it can still crack.
  • This material is not breathable, so it "breathes" much worse than real leather.
  • There is a risk to stumble on a fake, made of cheaper and harmful materials, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
  • When heated, polyurethane can still emit toxic substances. But the temperature should be quite high, and the heat exposure - long.

How to define the present?

Eco-leather can be confused with a lower quality substitute made of PVC. But there are some distinctive features.

  • First, the eco-leather does not smell. PVC can emit an unpleasant and rather pungent odor.
  • Secondly, the eco-leather is more pleasant to the touch and soft. PVC is more rough.
  • Thirdly, there is a difference in appearance.

The surface of this eco-leather has a complex relief structure that resembles natural leather. PVC also looks more rough. The “drawing” of the surface consists of larger elements, and the boundaries between them (grooves) are more noticeable and stand out strongly.

How to care?

How to care for products made of eco-leather?

  1. When contaminated, you can simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth. You can also use a mild soap solution or a special tool designed for delicate materials or natural leather. If the stain is not displayed, you can use alcohol. But it is not recommended to use aggressive agents such as vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, alkali or acid.
  2. After cleaning, wipe the product dry!
  3. In order to prolong the service life, in rainy weather, treat outerwear with a water-repellent compound.
  4. Treat the product with care.

Now you know exactly about eco-leather all!

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