How to use celandine from warts

The juice of celandine has a rich orange color and contains in its composition about eighteen poisonous substances, the effect of which provides excellent results for warts.


How to use celandine

Before use, you must visually make sure that the plant is healthy. The simplest method of cauterization of the wart is the pinpoint application of the plant sap directly onto the inflammation itself. At the same time blackening of the wart is possible, but there is nothing wrong with that. If there are a large number of warts on the body, they are processed in stages, five pieces at a time.

You can prepare the tincture of the leaves of the plant. Take a glass container (1.5 liters) and fill two-thirds of the leaves of the plant. Pour to the brim with seventy percent alcohol or vodka and close the lid. Put in a dark place for three weeks, every day shaking the glass container. With the help of this tincture you can make compresses, which must be kept for fifteen minutes.

You can skip a few sprigs of plants through a meat grinder, obtained gruel, or rather its juice, is used to combat warts. The resulting juice is suitable for 2 to 3 days.

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