How to update the Play Market on Android

google-play-0Any device running Android OS allows you to use the Google Play Market app store. Many different programs and utilities designed to make using a smartphone more convenient are in the public domain, so each user can always increase the functionality of his device just by going to the store and choosing the right program (many of them can be downloaded for free). However, the proposed software will always be useful, relevant and available for download only if the latest version of the store is available. In other words, like any other application, the Play Market requires regular updates, which will make it possible to use the utility with the most extensive functionality and the most comprehensive list of available applications. How to update the Play Market on Android and access the latest applications?

About automatic update

Mobile device on Android connected to the Internetusually always supports automatic update Play Store: as soon as a new version of the store appears on the network, the application automatically starts the automatic update procedure. This is done for the convenience of the user, because in this case he does not have to track the appearance of the next new products. But in some cases, the user decides to disable the update feature, which may be caused by the following reasons:

  • the battery doesn’t keep charging (it is necessary to reduce the load on the device so that the battery consumes less energy);
  • too high costs of traffic (it requires savings - reducing the amount of data received from the Internet);
  • the operating memory of the device is “clogged” by files remaining after the updates (in this case, the smartphone connected to the network may malfunction), etc.

Thus, the need to manually update the store will appear only if the Play Market auto-update feature is not enabled or for some reason does not work correctly (for example, the memory capacity is not enough).

Step-by-step instructions for updating the Play Market

The first action, which often helps to ensure the correct operation of the store or update it, should be a reboot of the device. If after it the problem is not solved, a manual update of the Play Market can be done as follows:

  • Go to the "Settings" of the application (icon "bags").
  • Click on the line "Build Version".


In response, you can get the following answer, which will mean that the current version of the store is already the most recent:


If the version is outdated, the update should start automatically.

Sometimes the Play Market is malfunctioning or not loading at all. The following actions can help in such situations:

  1. Go to the "Settings".
  2. In the item "Applications" choose Play Market.
  3. Click "Clear data" and "Clear cache".
  4. Try to go to Google Play. If the store does not work, then we repeat all the above steps and click the button “Delete updates”.

If an attempt to update the settings to return access to the Google Play Market service or to update it failed, it remains to try to find the latest version of the application on one of the many online resources.

Another common situation: the store is working, but you are not sure that on your phone all the applications from the Play Market are updated in a timely manner.To update Google Play services, you need to go to the “My Applications” - “Installed” tab:


Select the desired program and click on the "Update" button. Next, you will need to confirm acceptance of all permissions required for the application to work (“Accept” button). Then, the Android operating system will independently update the program selected by the user, and this cycle of actions can be repeated for all programs, applications and utilities stored in the memory of the mobile device.

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