How to understand what I want from life?

In the world of modern opportunities it is difficult to find yourself and define your life goal. Everyone has talents and abilities. However, not everyone can realize themselves correctly. How to understand what you want from life and how to achieve it?

What do I really want from life?

Such a question arises over time in the life of every person. It is important to be aware of your own aspirations and goals.

Sometimes people choose goals that cannot be achieved. For example, a person sets the goal of not making mistakes or appealing to others. Such aspirations will not make you happier, since the ultimate goal is not feasible. Assuming that it is still possible to achieve such a goal, this will require so much effort that the meaninglessness of realizing the desire will become apparent.

It often happens that people who have reached the goal do not feel any satisfaction from it. The problem is that the goal is not what they really wanted from life.If you know your own desires, achieving the goal will be more likely.

To determine what is really needed, it is necessary to answer the question: “What will the achieved goal lead to?”. Awareness of what will achieve the achievement of their own desire, will help to set the goal. Suppose a person dreams of others seeking to communicate with him. Setting a goal to “achieve popularity and positive relationships with people,” a person will not achieve anything, because it would be more correct to strive to create a positive opinion of others about himself. It is much easier to become an interesting interlocutor and ally, if you feel your own dignity and be a pleasant person.

The answer to the question “why I want it.” Is extremely important. People want to get a new job or education, start a family or find love. The final goal is not as important as the awareness of what to make efforts for. Someone wants financial independence, someone to be loved and to love, someone to expand knowledge, and someone to realize themselves in creativity. Creating a focus on what you really want will expand the number of ways to fulfill your desires.

Defining a valid goal will help to become flexible on the way to achieving it. The chances of getting what you want increase, if you clearly understand what you specifically want.

How to understand what exactly is the life goal?

If you are tired of stagnating in indecision, wasting energy on what can not be called the main desire in this period of life, then you should think and start to act. To understand what exactly is the main goal, what to strive for and what to achieve, a few tips will help. They are as follows:3

  1. Take a piece of paper, divide into two parts and write two lists. On one side of the sheet indicate what you like, on the other - what you hate. Evaluate which items of the list are present in your life. I absolutely love the list of "I love", and there are no items in the list "I hate" in my life.
  2. Make another list, which indicate your positive traits, skills and knowledge. Analyze in which area of ​​life this luggage is useful. This will decide in which direction it will be easier to achieve success.
  3. Listen to yourself.Intuition is the ability to feel how to do the right thing. Work on the development of the "sixth sense" is necessary. Every person, at least once in his life, his inner voice prompted the right way out of the situation or helped in making a serious decision. Do not ignore this voice.
  4. If you are standing at the crossroads and you need to make a decision that can drastically change the situation, then close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine that the choice has been made. What color is the dress in the wardrobe? In which city are the weekend? Who is near you? The first picture, painted in the head - is the right choice.
  5. Create a system in your life to control it. Make lists of cases, purchases, plans for the week / month / year. Record the names of films and literature that you are interested in, recipes of dishes that you want to cook. Systematization will not allow to miss interesting thoughts and will become a signal to actions, leaving no time for long thoughts.
  6. Read whenever there is time for it. The books contain tips on any life situation, valuable observations, experience collected over the centuries.When you are at a crossroads in life, the memories of the main character of the work and his decision will provide invaluable service. When you need advice, remembering the reasoning and conclusions, read once about a similar situation, it will become easier to make a choice.
  7. No one will become an obstacle to your happiness, except for you. Learn to be responsible for life. Even close people, friends and family members do not know what is best for you. To be unhappy, untenable, unloved - only your choice and only you are to blame for your failures. But there is good news. It is you - the person who is able to change everything and cool to expand their lives.
  8. Sometimes to understand what I want to get out of life, you need to wait a little, take a pause. Delaying a decision will help to look at things from a different angle and soberly assess what this will lead to. As the saying goes - "Morning is wiser than the evening." Let your mind let go of the problem for a while and the next day you will make a difficult decision with complete confidence in its correctness and deliberation.
  9. If the question concerns a love relationship, and you decide their fate, then try to imagine life without this person.Scared? Did you feel a sense of relief? Delighted? The solution is obvious.
  10. Do not be afraid to ask for advice from loved ones. Sometimes the reasoning of another person helps to see the other side of your decision. Listen to the arguments, analyze the situation, based on what you have heard and draw your own conclusions.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss"! Act to understand what you want from life.

Desires and goals are the very “engine” that makes us get up in the morning and act. Do not ignore your aspirations. Nothing soothes a person as an awareness of a life goal, a clear understanding of where he is going and how to achieve it.

How to realize what you want from life?

First, select one goal. If there are many desires, then it is worth determining what you would like to do or receive in the first place. It is important to think about your goal correctly. Formulate it without negative coloring. The wording “I do not want to eat a lot every day” is wrong, it would be more correct to say “I want to eat only healthy food, vegetables and fruits every day”. If you focus on what you do not want, then this is exactly what will happen to you.You need to think not about what you want to avoid, but about what you plan to achieve.

Make sure that the realization of desire is independent of the decision of the people around them. Completely get rid of the dependence is not possible, but the main action on the way to achieving the goal should not make significant changes in the lives of others. Changing the existing situation is impossible without working on yourself and determining what you specifically want for yourself.

Set the control points. Many people do not feel satisfaction from achieving goals and fulfilling desires, because they do not know how this should be confirmed. For example, saying “I want to be a good parent,” proof that the goal is achieved will not be the words of the children about how they love you, but their success, responsibility and development in the future.

The manifestation of the achieved goal is not always desirable. For example, if you want to become more confident in yourself, this does not mean that you want to feel complete confidence while driving a car, not knowing how to drive it. The point of control must be formulated no less concretely than the desire itself.

Evaluate whether there are obstacles to achieving the goal and how significant they are. What prevents you from getting what you want right now? Removing obstacles will be a sub-goal for getting what you want from life.Dove flying

Identify your own capabilities. Master the new profession, practice communicating with people, get new knowledge and skills if it is necessary on the way to achieving your life goal.

It is better to make a plan, following which you will get what you want from life faster and more likely. Achieving something valuable involves action in a few steps. Write down these steps and do not shy away from the tasks of realizing your own desires. The presence of the algorithm will help to get even what seemed impossible. Specifying specific actions will allow you to concentrate on what you need to do in order to feel satisfied and happy.

The main thing is to answer the question “what do I want from life”. It’s impossible to realize a dream without a concrete decision on what you really want. Achieving goals gives confidence, makes people happier, inspires and motivates.See and feel the result of their efforts - what could be better? Believe in yourself, you are the "smith of your happiness", and in your own abilities - they are limitless!

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