How to understand that you are addicted to sex

You adore sex, and you are ready to admit it openly, but at times this pleasant activity enthralls you so much that it seems that everything that does not have a sexual context does not even interest you. Maybe you are addicted to sex?

It is customary to identify over-enthusiasm for sex exclusively with the male sex, presenting a man dependent on sex as some regular customer of brothels who never get involved in a relationship. In fact, the restriction on the basis of sex - these are just myths when it comes to sexual addiction. You can get hooked on sex if you are a woman, even if you are in a relationship. Female dependence on sex due to social stereotypes is less frequently diagnosed, but it exists on a par with male. And we decided to list some of its signs in this review.

You always want to change

Slippery point in which you can suspect a contradiction: not all people who change are necessarily dependent on sex.But only one fact can be considered authentic: you cannot exist for long without sex, so if you suddenly stop getting enough of it in a relationship, you have to look for a “dose” on the side. And if the relationship does not exist, then you try to achieve the desired amount of sex through frequent changes of partners.

How to understand that you are addicted to sex

In sex you like to suppress

In ordinary life, you are a kind-hearted person who doesn’t hurt a mosquito, but when it comes to sex, then you don’t give a damn about your partner’s feelings and you choose aggressive tactics. The pleasure of the partner does not matter to you, you are not interested in knowing what he likes, because if everything suits you, then everything is all right. If for some reason the partner refuses you to have sex, then it makes you angry or hysterical.

You agree to sex without thinking about the details or consequences

You just want to do it right here and now, and you do not care about anything. For example, the fact that there are no condoms or lubricants or the presence of parents behind the wall, which clearly your cries will not approve. You collect stories about unusual places where you had sex, and those that ended up exposing you like to retell the most.

How to understand that you are addicted to sex

You want more and more sex

If you are both at home, then it certainly means sex, no matter whether you have eaten or not, and after how many minutes the high-speed train leaves. Even taking into account the “approaches” in the middle of the week, at least one day off you persistently strive to spend in bed, and if your partner is separated from you for a while, then you insist on trying phone sex.

Partners who don't suit you in bed never get a second chance

Excuses about the fact that it was cold or he was too drunk, you are not interested, and you are clearly confident that if a man is good in bed, he will demonstrate it vividly in the 1st, and in the 50th, and in 550 th time All the other “losers” should not waste time or clean sheets or condoms.

How to understand that you are addicted to sex

You always think about sex

Thoughts about sex relax you and even develop your creative imagination. You like to think different sexual scenarios in your head and take inspiration from erotic pictures or porn. Determine the "normal" number of such fantasies, which should not cause concern, yet no doctor has managed, but, knowing yourself, you can admit that if you think about sex all the time, the dependence is present.

You use sex as the only antidepressant

You have taught yourself to “cure” a bad mood with sex and have supported your “recipe” with scientific articles that sex is perfect for health and positive mood. It does not occur to you to try other stimulants of good mood, and if there is no partner for sex at your side, then you would rather watch porn than go to the skating rink or practice yoga. If the partner is right at your side, then for the sake of having sex with him you are ready to skip the job and the institute, score in meetings with friends and set everything aside for later.

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