How to turn on the phone without battery

You will need
  • - mobile phone; - stabilization power supply; - voltmeter; - uninterruptable power source; - USB cable; - soldering iron; - solder; - rosin; - flux.
Remember that a standard mobile phone charger is designed to work in conjunction with a battery capable of delivering significant current for a short time. It is impossible to feed the intercom directly from it. Otherwise, when the transmitter is first turned on, the voltage will drop to almost zero.
Purchase or manufacture your own short-circuit stabilized power supply. It should produce a voltage of 3.7 V at a current load in the range of up to 2 A. Note that the voltage should not exceed the specified value during a load drop or when the machine is turned on and off.
Turning off the mobile phone, disconnect the standard charger from it and remove the battery. Using a voltmeter, determine the two contacts of the battery with a voltage of 3.2 to 3.7 V.
Observing the polarity, apply voltage from the power supply to the corresponding contacts of the battery compartment of the phone. If you decide to continue using the mobile device for the security system, de-energize the power supply unit and solder the junction of the contacts.
Turn on the power supply and try to start the mobile phone. If you succeed, the device is not equipped with a data exchange module from a chip integrated in the battery. This means that your intercom is suitable for use in a security system.
To avoid shutdown when there is no mains voltage, connect an uninterruptible power supply to the alarm system. Install the device in a room that meets the requirements for operating the UPS.
Check the operation of the system you have mounted. Using a USB port, connect the mobile phone with the security device, the common wire of which is unplugged from the power supply unit's cable.

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