How to treat pink lichen

As a rule, pink versicolor passes independently after one or two months and does not require additional special treatment. Unless it goes into severe form. Consider that in this case you will need the help of a dermatologist. He will prescribe antihistamines and immunostimulating agents for successful treatment.
Take vitamin complexes recommended by your doctor. Topically use water-zinc lotion or corticosteroid ointment. Very well helps oil of thistle, sea buckthorn, wild rose. Just lubricate the affected areas. If an inflammatory infection of the skin occurs during your illness, your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics.
Remember that the main thing in the treatment of pink lichen is not to prevent infection of the affected areas with streptococcus or staphylococcus and to prevent the occurrence of eczema. Therefore, it is important to observe personal hygiene. Please note that if you find that you have pink lichen on your skin, do not bathe.Otherwise, you will provoke the spread of the disease over the entire surface of the body. Take a shower. Do not use hard washcloths for washing, damaging the stain, you will have easy access to bacteria. Do not use soap or other cosmetics.
Do not use cosmetics for five weeks. Avoid sunbathing, swimming in the sea, and do not visit the baths, saunas, solarium. All this may adversely affect treatment.
It is especially important to adhere to a special diet. Remove from the diet of alcohol, tea, coffee, soda. Do not eat citrus fruits, chocolate, red fruits, eggs, nuts or spices. Exclude salted and smoked products. Keep in mind that a violation of the diet can lead to a relapse of the disease.
In no case of rosy lichen, do not wear synthetic clothing or wool. Only natural fabrics that provide free access of air to the skin.

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