How to treat nocturnal enuresis

Enuresis is, first of all, the state of the nervous system. Therefore, before starting treatment, it is necessary to find out the cause of this disease. Diseases of the genitourinary system can lead to it, then it is necessary to treat it with drugs, having received the advice of a doctor. But in most cases, incontinence affects children with an unbalanced nervous system, highly excitable, who very emotionally perceive any environmental change and very difficult to adapt to the team. In such a situation, the help of specialists - a neuropathologist and a psychologist is needed in order to pinpoint the cause of such a disorder and develop a treatment system individually for your child. But there are general guidelines for parents of children sufferingenuresisohm
Try to eliminate the cause that causedenuresis, ensure a calm atmosphere in the family, without elevated tones.
You spend more time with your child, take a walk in nature in the evening before bedtime, let the baby get positive emotions and understand that you love him very much.
In the evening, protect your child from active games that overstrain the nervous system, it is better to play quiet educational games, such as a mosaic.
While treating a child, it is advisable to abandon the computer and television, since they have a negative impact on the children's nervous system, it is better to read books, or engage in creative work, such as drawing.
2 hours before bedtime, try to prevent the child from drinking liquids; if he asks for a drink, replace the water or tea with an apple slice.
If the child gets harmonious development in the family, if the home is calm and the baby has enough positive emotions, if the child feels that he is truly loved and reckoned with him, the treatment process for the nightenuresisand will pass without complications and in short terms. Love your children.

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