How to tie a scarf on his head in 2018

The method of tying a scarf depends on the fabric from which it is sewn, the size of the accessory and the situation. A thin silk or cotton square will keep your hair from sun and wind, and a warm woolen shawl will protect you from frost. Choose bright or pastel colors, they will revive the face and diversify the costume.
Try a spectacular option, perfect for beach or travel. You will need a silk or viscose scarf measuring 90 by 90 cm. Fold it diagonally so that two triangles overlap each other. Put a handkerchief on your head. The folded edge should be slightly moved onto the forehead. Pull off the ends of the scarf at the back of the head and tie a double knot over the tops of the triangles.
From a pair of thin chiffon scarves, you can build an elegant bandage in the form of turbans. Fold the scarves into narrow strips and fold them crosswise. With each hand, take the two ends of one scarf.Wrap their foreheads with them so that the place where the shawls cross is in the middle. Pull off the ends on the back of the head and tie a double knot. Dress them under a bandage or let them fall free. If you have a bang, it is better to remove it under a handkerchief.
For the summer party, a spectacularly knitted large shawl of thin non-slip fabric will suit. Fold it in half and throw it over your head, slightly moving it over your forehead. Pull off the edges of the shawl at the back of the head and twist it into a bundle. Wrap the twisted part around the head from the back of the head forward and back to the back of the head. Tuck the end of the shawl under the harness and pin a safety pin on the safety pin.
A silk or thin wool scarf can be turned into a stylish hood. Kars, tied in this way, are worn with coats, jackets or raincoats. A handkerchief is also useful for traveling in an open car. Large square fold diagonally. Put it on your head. The fabric should fit tightly over the forehead and temples. Tie the ends of the scarf in a small knot behind your back. Straighten the folds with both hands, pushing them away from the face and forming a semblance of a hood. Correctly knitted shawl will not subside even with strong gusts of wind.
A bright cotton scarf can be turned into an original hat, which will perfectly complement a leather jacket or a denim jacket. Fold the scarf diagonally and throw it on the forehead. Pull and twist both ends into bundles. Get the harnesses to the back of the head and pull them off with a strong knot. Spread the tips and a free wide angle shawl. If desired, they can be tucked inside - so the illusion of a hat made of fabric will be complete.

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