How to tie a carbine?

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How to tie a carbine?

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How to tie a carbine?

A carabiner is a small device that is used when fishing on spinning rods. Its purpose is to prevent the twisting of the fishing line - because it affects its strength and can lead to its breaking at the wrong moment. Also, using a snap hook with a clasp is very convenient to quickly change gear and spinners.

How to attach a carbine to a fishing line so that it brings the maximum benefit and is not accidentally lost?

Tie a carbine

In order to tie a carabiner, there are several knots. We consider the two most popular and sturdy.

Hangman's knot

  1. Thread the line in the eyelet of the carabiner.
  2. Bend back the free end of the fishing line and start wrapping the part of it that is connected with spinning from bottom to top so that each time it enters the loop formed by the bend.
  3. When the free end of the fishing line is finished, moisten the knot and slowly pull it close to the carabiner. After that, the dangling tip of the fishing line can be cut off.

Offshore Swivel-Knot Knot

Node with a complex name, but very simple in execution.How to tie a carbine in such a knot?

  1. Thread a 10 cm long loop through the eyelet of the carabiner. NowKnotgrasp the line so that the loop looks up along with the ends of the line and the carbine hangs down .;
  2. Turn the carbine around you in this position into the semicircle formed from the fishing line several times.
  3. Moisten the knot and slowly tighten it.

These two nodes are universal for any fishing fixtures that have ears.

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