How to attach a bank card?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
November 4, 2014
How to attach a bank card?

For many users of electronic payment systems, a personal account is not only an opportunity to pay bills or make purchases online, but also one of the fastest and easiest ways to withdraw money to your card account, which allows you to transfer this money into cash notes in the future. But to make a withdrawal, the bank card must be tied to an e-wallet: the catch here lies in the fact that the details of your electronic operator account must match the details of the card account, otherwise you will not be able to link a bank card.

Map binding to Webmoney

To bind a bank card to WM, follow the instructions:

  1. On the site, go through the verification of documents (you will need to attach scans of your passport - a page with a photo and data on the place and date of receipt of the document) and get a formal certificate;
  2. In find the block "Bank card binding" and select the desired type;
  3. Indicate the R-purse and the limit for debiting in the window that appears, and in the next paragraph fill in correctly: your card number, its validity date and CVV / CVC code (most often, three digits located on the magnetic tape or next to it on the back of the card );
  4. Wait for the notification on the mobile phone from your bank with a confirmation code.

Bank card and Yandex.Money

You can attach a bank card to a poison purse in the following way:

  1. In the "Wallet Management" section of the site, find the "Bank Cards" block. Select the item "Cards for payments" - "bind";
  2. Enter the payment password, then go to fill in the card details. Here you will need along with the number, date of service and CVV / CVC code to also indicate the name and surname of the cardholder. Wait for the SMS from the bank and enter the code that came to you in it, in the appropriate field on the page where the system will be forwarded to you.

Connecting the card to the wallet Qiwi

  1. Log in to the site. In the "Bank Cards" box, select "Register Card". Select your bank from the list;
  2. Fill in the card details: number, first and last name, expiration date and CVV / CVC code;
  3. The system will write off a small amount from your bank card, which will be a verification number confirming that it was you who initiated the binding process. Enter this amount or authorization code in the window that appears. On this card registration process will be completed.

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