How to take a loan from individuals

You will need
  • - a contract written by hand or executed in a notarial form;
  • - passport.
If you borrow money fromprivateindividuals, be sure to make out the documentary evidence according to all the rules stipulated by the current legislation. Regardless of whether you enter into a contract in a notarial or simple written form, it will have the same legal force and be subject to strict execution.
When you contact the notary, you will receive a loan agreement according to all the rules, taking into account all the points that need to be included, so there is no particular need to delve into its registration.
To draw up a loan agreement by hand, use a sheet of A-4 paper and a ball or fountain pen. Do not use printers. The contract must be executed in duplicate and written by hand.
Specify who, when, where, how much, for how long, at what interest he gave the amount and received. Specify the full details of the borrower and the lender, as well as two witnesses from the lender and the borrower.
Write the resulting loan amount in words and numbers.After the specified amount, put a Z, so that nothing can be signed. Do not make mistakes in writing the contract and corrections. At the bottom, put the date and signature of all those present.individuals.
Receive and transfer funds only in the presence of witnesses. Give the second copy of the lender agreement from hand to hand only after receiving the full amount of the loan. You give the contract, you give a loan.
Return the borrowed money only in the presence of witnesses. Receive from the lender a receipt that the entire amount issued was received by him in full and all interest on the loan issued was paid. This will save you from many troubles associated with the misunderstandings that have arisen.
Do not forget that both parties are obliged to comply with the terms of the contract. If you have any controversial issues, file a statement with the arbitration court.

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