How to survive the difficulties

To successfully survivethe difficultiesFirst of all, you need to analyze the situation and find the cause of their occurrence. In most cases, you will be the cause. Specifically - it is your forgetfulness, laziness, hope, and so that will come down and similar reasons. Just do not look for a reason to reproach and blame yourself for the mistakes made for many months. These searches are needed solely in order to use the experience gained and to prevent annoying blunders in the future.
Remember one simple and well-known truth for a long time - “everything that does not kill us - makes us stronger”. This phrase is banal, but very true. Successfully overcomethe difficultiesadd life experience and confidence. Problems force a person to make decisions faster and take some action to eliminate them as soon as possible. So takethe difficultiesas another way to supplement their knowledge and gain new experience.
Another useful life experience acquired during critical situations is the ability to recognize friends. When you are in perfect order, there are so many personalities around you who are considered to be your friends. But they all disappear somewhere, you just have to get into the "black bar".
Another way to survivethe difficulties- it is in any situation to find the bright moments. For example, problems in business are great, which means you have your own business. You can be proud of it, because most people work for the good of someone else's uncle. Recall the famous song from the movie “Irony of Fate” and act in accordance with the wise thoughts sounded in it.

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