How to surprise a loved one on February 14

Valentine's Day creates the ideal conditions for creating new and strengthening old relationships. And even if you do not support European traditions, allow yourself to succumb to the temptation of real love fever. In the end, what's wrong with being intoxicated once in a year with love and allowing yourself to be crazy? Surprise your beloved man on February 14 with passionate spontaneous antics, and, perhaps, you will discover a new side of your relationship ...

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Valentine's Day: how to surprise a loved one

You should be surprised with the mind and taking into account the experience of living together (if any). This is to ensure that a pleasant surprise does not turn into an embarrassing embarrassment, and your holiday was not spoiled. For example, if you want to indulge in a modern sex toy, and your partner does not share such hobbies, it will be very awkward. First of all, you should take into account his desire and imagination, so that everything goes perfectly.

The girl and the guy spend February 14 at home

Homely atmosphere

If you are planning to spend Valentine's Day at home,surprise your loved one with a passionate striptease of your own performance. To do this you will need to purchase special clothes. It can be edible panties, a frank set or role-playing costume (policeman, nurse, rabbit, etc.). For lovers of bold sensations on the verge of what is permitted, latex outfits are suitable.

The girl makes a man a relaxing massage

If the strip is not for you, arrange your favorite erotic massage. For a start, you can take a bath with rose petals, candles and essential oils. Oil should be selected correctly so that your lover does not fall asleep in the same bath. It is best to take ylang-ylang, patchouli, juniper, rosemary to ignite the passion. If you want to arrange a massage according to all the rules, you can pass an accelerated training course in advance.

Surprise away from home

You can surprise your loved one on February 14 outside the family nest, for example, in a restaurant. For this, of course, you will need not a regular restaurant, but a private room. Think over dinner menus in advance, ask them to prepare everything they need (up to an extra bottle of wine) and tell them that no one bothers you. Public place, you are alone hidden from the eyes and can do anything you like ...

Role-playing games

It is known that the main "benefit" about love came to the world from India. Local women, knowing the secrets of the Kama Sutra, can bring unearthly pleasure to their beloved. Learn this art is not easy, even if you have a few weeks ahead, but a role-playing game in this style will help to inflame passion and diversify the sex life.

Japanese geisha

Do not like Indian themes? Try the role of a Japanese geisha in a bright kimono. For dinner, you can cook (or order) sushi and rolls, buy a bottle of sake and spend a romantic evening in oriental style.

Surprise your beloved man on February 14, becoming the heroine of his favorite film. That could be the Super-Woman, Princess Leia from Star Wars, or even one of the beautiful heroes of the X-Men. Unleash your imagination and arrange an unforgettable evening!

The image of the wonder woman on February 14

Surprise a loved one on Valentine's Day is easy, because all you need is to do something out of the ordinary.

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