How to surprise a girl?

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How to surprise a girl?

Almost all of the fair sex in the depths of their hearts dream of a man who could surprise them often. After all, women by nature are romantic creatures: they constantly need vivid impressions and new emotions. If the elect is able to give them such feelings, they consider it as the highest manifestation of love and attention. And, on the contrary, without pleasant surprises, a woman feels unloved and begins to think that a man’s interest in her has dried up. In this article, we will look at how to surprise a girl in various situations and give advice to guys what to do in order to win favor and affection of your beloved.

How to surprise a girl on a date

A girl can go to the cinema or to a regular concert with friends, so trivial trips to such events should be immediately left for another occasion. Another thing is if you present your darling two tickets to the performance of her favorite band, of which she dreamed half his life: there will be not only surprise, but also a huge thanks.

If such a concert is not planned at the time of your date, you need to look for a more interesting and even mysterious place where the girl has never been. Again, remembering about her romantic nature, you should choose some lonely and at the same time beautiful place. The main thing - do not say where you are going.

You can even put the girl in the car with a blindfold: this will give your venture intrigue. When her eyes open a picturesque lake or river bank, she will be delighted with such a surprise. At worst, you can always admire together the view of the night city from the roof of a multistory building. The girl will remember such a date for a long time.

How to surprise a girl in bed

Of course, before you figure out how to surprise a girl in bed, you need to know about her sexual preferences. That is, if you have been together for a long time, it will not be difficult for you to pleasantly surprise your partner. This may be her favorite pose or beautiful foreplay: depending on what the girl prefers. You can also surprise your favorite interesting sexual toy when you have such a trusting relationship that you have an idea about her innermost fantasies.However, in the case when you did not have time to understand that your darling in sex is more like it, you can offer a couple of almost win-win options that act fascinatingly for almost all women of the beautiful half of humanity.

What woman doesn’t like beautiful underwear? Especially if it is expensive and beneficial emphasizes its charms. Do not be lazy to go shopping in search of a sexy peignoir or a lace bra set with panties. In the evening, ask the girl to let you change her clothes: such a gift will help not only to surprise her, but also give your darling the confidence that she is beautiful and desirable.

The next option could be an erotic massage. Women are in many ways similar to cats: they hide their claws when they are provided with affection and care. Watch a few video tutorials if you're not sure that a girl will like your efforts. Perhaps in the future, such an occupation will be for your couple a wonderful mutually pleasant prelude to good sex.

How to surprise a girl without money

Many guys can not even imagine how to surprise a girl without money, but it is not as difficult as it seems.Going to chic restaurants and expensive bouquets is always for ladies, but not every guy can afford to make such gifts to his beloved one all the time. Moreover, for a girl it is important not the amount spent on her, but your attention. She will appreciate that you have been thinking about your surprise for a long time, spending time and energy on it. And all this in order to surprise her! Consciousness of your own need in your life for a woman is a reason for delight.

“Look out the window!” - this phrase probably makes a woman's heart beat twice as fast. Down she can see anything: it all depends on your imagination. It can be a bright inscription “I love you” on asphalt or your names. By the way, you can pour gasoline over the outline of the letters and set it on fire when the girl looks out the window. Such a flame can melt the heart of even the most impregnable beauty.

If you do not know how to surprise your girlfriend when you do not have the money for it, you can simply wait for her at the entrance to the university or to work, but still remain unnoticed. As soon as you see that she is going, you need to dial her number and start a conversation so that she does not suspect your presence.Follow behind her and at the right moment ask her to turn around. Such a surprise must be supplemented with a long and sensual kiss: the girl will be even more pleasant at the thought that you were guarding her and playing this performance just because you could not wait to kiss her.

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