How to strengthen nails at home with folk remedies

Beautiful manicure is an essential element of the image of a woman. Girls spend a lot of time on makeup, wardrobe, and the look of their hands. In the article, I will provide effective step-by-step recipes for nails at home.

The nail consists of keratin, water and fat. Health and beauty of nails is determined by the correct proportions. With a fat deficiency, the nails become sore, thin, and easily broken. Usually failures in the endocrine system act negatively on the condition of the nails.

The main causes of fragility

  • Lack of vitamins.
  • Incorrect operation of the thyroid gland.
  • Regular washing dishes and hands, washing, cleaning without the use of gloves.
  • Use for removing varnish containing acetone.
  • Prolonged exposure to low temperature.
  • Wrong manicure.

Brittle nails are treated quite simply at home. But this problem is better preventable.

Prevention of nail diseases

  1. Use a vitamin-rich lacquer with a curative effect. Completely abandon the funds, which include acetone.
  2. Use protective gloves when doing housework. The main thing is that the nail plates do not come in contact with detergents.
  3. Make a manicure with emery or glass nail file. Metal is better not to apply. During the procedure, move in the same direction, otherwise the nails will get serious damage.
  4. Regularly eat foods rich in protein, iron and calcium. The composition of desserts should include gelatin - jelly, marmalade, marshmallow.

These recommendations will help preserve the health of nails. If the condition does not improve, most likely, a disease prevents it. In this case, you should consult a doctor and with it to find the root cause of fragility.

Folk remedies to strengthen the nails - recipes

Strong red nails

Girls with free time and financial capabilities strengthen nails in beauty salons. But, it is possible to solve this problem at home, using proven folk remedies.

For many years, recipes, compresses, baths and masks were invented.

Folk remedies are extremely popular among women because they are both effective and affordable.Recipes include ingredients that are available in any kitchen or home medicine cabinet. We are talking about fruits, vegetables, oils.

Healing baths

Baths - an excellent way to strengthen the nail plate at home and moisturize the skin. I propose to consider three options for baths.

  • Soda bath. Pour a glass of water into a small bowl, add a spoon of soda, add 5 drops of glycerin and a couple of drops of iodine. After mixing in liquid, lower hands for a third of an hour, then get wet and process with cream. I recommend doing the bath before bedtime. Then dip your fingers in melted wax, wait for drying and leave until morning.
  • Herbal bath. Preparing bath of chamomile, nettle, sage or plantain. Ideally grass alternate. In a liter of water, add a spoonful of herbs and boil a little, when the broth is slightly cooled, lower the handles into it. After such a water procedure, I do not advise you to wash your hands, blot them and treat with a nourishing cream.
  • Wine bath. A glass of dry wine (preferably red) mixed with a spoonful of salt and heated. In the resulting liquid, hold your hands for 15 minutes. Next, hands gently blot and cover with a layer of nourishing cream. I recommend doing this bath 4 times a month.


Bath does not hurt to combine with masks that require the same amount of time. As in the case of baths, after applying the mask on your hands, you must apply a nourishing cream. Mask recipes are expected below.

  1. Olive Mask. To make such a mask you need to combine 2 tablespoons of olive oil with three drops of iodine and a similar amount of lemon juice. In the resulting mixture, hold your fingers for at least ten minutes. Next, wash off the mask.
  2. Wax mask. Melt beeswax in the bath. The temperature is around 40 degrees. Put the fingers in the wax for a few seconds, remove and wait 20 minutes after solidification.
  3. Beer mask. Half a glass of fresh beer mixed in equal quantities with warmed sunflower oil and a small spoonful of lemon juice. Clean hands for a third of an hour into the mixture, then get wet, massage the cuticles and do not wash for 2 hours.
  4. Pepper mask. In a small container, combine a small spoonful of hand cream, the same amount of red pepper and a couple of water droplets. Cover the nails for half an hour with the prepared product, then rinse with water.

I brought the most effective and affordable folk nail recipes.

Video instructions super method of strengthening

Cosmetic products to strengthen the nails

The problem associated with brittle nails is familiar to many girls. Home recipes will be a good help on the way to its solution. However, the cosmetic industry does not stand on the spot and is developing new cosmetic products for strengthening - varnishes, creams, oils. The choice of a particular brand is determined by financial capabilities.

It is better not to buy the cheapest cosmetic products. Low cost - the first sign of cosmetics with little or no effect. Therefore, I do not advise saving.

  1. Firming varnishes. Regular use will return a brittle, dull and layering marigold healthy look. To get the result it is not recommended to use the same tool all the time. Lucky is better to alternate. The composition of varnishes should include amino acids, vitamins, coral extracts, silicon. Lacquer should not contain formaldehyde, camphor and other components of aggressive nature.
  2. Nail oils. Rosemary, peach or almond oil should be rubbed into the nails every few days with massage movements or with the help of a soft toothbrush.
  3. Creams from natural oils, vitamin complexes and trace elements. Well, if the composition includes wax or propolis. This cream is an excellent prophylactic.

To strengthen the nails quickly, apply the listed means systematically. However, remember, cosmetic preparations are effective if the fragility of nail plates is caused not by diseases that are hidden inside the body. The condition of the nails is a kind of health indicator.

We strengthen nails after shellac

Woman holding a rose in her hand

At the end of the last century manicure shellac was not, and in the XXI century, it is rapidly gaining popularity and replacing the buildup of nails with gel and acrylic. It is not surprising, because this technology has a considerable number of advantages. To enjoy the beauty of well-groomed nails for a month, it's enough to go through just one shellac procedure.

Over time, shellac must be removed from the nail plates. It is at this moment that the young ladies despair, since after shellac nails get an awful look. They break and break, even the haircut and the dark varnish can not fix the situation. The question arises, how to strengthen the nails after shellac and return them to their previous form?

  • Olive oil. Thinning is a consequence of polishing the nail plates after removing shellac. Will help strengthen the nails bath based on olive oil. Heat a hundred milliliters of oil a little, then hold the nails of it for about 15 minutes. Conduct the procedure daily in the evening during the week.
  • Lemon juice. This natural product contains a lot of essential oils and vitamin “C”. These substances strengthen the nails. A day, lemon juice to rub into the nails for a few minutes, then rinse with water.
  • . At bedtime, using a cotton swab, apply iodine on the nails. In the morning from the yellow color there is no trace. Reviews of girls say that iodine is extremely effective in strengthening the nail plates.
  • Sea salt. Miraculous properties of sea salt have been known for a long time. Baths on the basis of sea salt will make nails incredibly strong. Dissolve a spoonful of salt in half a glass of water, add a little bit of any essential oil and hold your fingers in the composition for 10 minutes. Weekly rate - three procedures.
  • Sour berries. Weakened nails require vitamins. In this situation, masks based on sour berries - cranberries, red currants, cranberries will help.Grind a handful of berries, put the gruel on the nails, wrap the film, wait a third of an hour and wash off.
  • Food. The above procedures are focused on the external treatment of nails. At the same time, their condition largely depends on the supply of nutrients from the body. Enter foods saturated with vitamins, proteins, iodine, calcium, and mineral salts into the diet. For example, salmon, cottage cheese, cheese, greens.
  • Medical coating.For the treatment of fragility use special cosmetic coatings, which are applied daily. The greatest effect is given by means with calcium, minerals, vitamins and silk fibers.

In terms of efficiency, home procedures are not inferior to salon counterparts. Differ only in the fact that their implementation requires more time. If you regularly care for your nails, the effects of shellac will disappear quickly, leaving no trace. To nails were perfect all the time, before the next application of shellac make a short pause.

What else to add? Cover your nails with a protective cream before going outside, especially if it is cold outside. Do not disdain gloves that protect from the effects of cold and wind, otherwise they will fade.

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Serious problems with the nail plates will eliminate the vitamin complexes of Complivit and Alphabet. I hope, thanks to my advice, you will soon become a mistress of healthy and beautiful nails.

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