How to stop hiccupping a child or adult

People are interested in how to stop hiccup quickly. Hiccups start suddenly and occur in people, regardless of age and gender.

Hiccups are the result of excessive consumption of food or alcohol. Sometimes it occurs as a result of hypothermia. May last hours.

A prolonged presence exhausts the human body. Appears together with "friends", including loud sounds and protrusions of the abdomen. Before tackling the problem, determine the cause of the problem.

Causes of hiccups in adults and children

  1. Inadequate chewing of food - swallowing large pieces.
  2. An incommensurable amount of food with a stomach volume.
  3. Consumption of fatty and spicy foods.
  4. Alcohol abuse.
  5. Consumption of cold drinks.
  6. Nervous stress.

Traditionally, when a person hiccups, he is told that they are discussing him. As a result, the sufferer remembers the names of the relatives who sent the attack.As practice shows, this method of struggle is ineffective and scientifically unjustified. Count on a positive result is not necessary.

According to doctors, hiccups are repeated breaths. They occur regardless of the wishes of the sufferer. At the same time the glottis is greatly narrowed. The cause of the unpleasant event is convulsive contraction of the diaphragm.

How to stop hiccup quickly

Each person faced a situation when he began to hiccup and continued for a long time. It necessarily stopped, but for a long time brought discomfort. Therefore, the question of quickly getting rid of hiccups interests many.

The main proven ways to fight with hiccups: delayed exhalation, fright, a glass of water. The tips are simple and effective. They are based on diaphragmatic breathing.

Hiccup - contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a strong muscle, but in the elderly and smokers it becomes not elastic and rigid.

People breathe superficially using the upper region of the lungs. The lower part is not used, the diaphragm does not receive a portion of the massage. I will not delve into the issue of abdominal breathing.

If the hiccups started, what to do?

  1. First exhale, tighten the abdomen and abdominal cavity to the spine.
  2. Relax the chest and let it sink. Do not strain yourself.
  3. Take a slow breath through your nose. Make sure the belly and chest are flat.
  4. Fill your lungs with fresh air. When it reaches the diaphragm, you will feel pressure.
  5. During the inhalation, the abdominal cavity will expand in different directions. Minimal expansion is allowed in the chest and abdomen above the navel.
  6. In this position, hold your breath. As a result, the lower region of the lungs will pressure the diaphragm, massaging it.
  7. It remains to make a slow exhalation, slightly strain the abdominal muscles and relax the diaphragm.

Video tips and ways

If the hiccups are light, do the exercise several times. Otherwise, increase the number of approaches. This is my first time sharing a methodology with readers. Do not be offended if during the registration I made a mistake.

How to stop a baby's hiccough

There are constant or episodic hiccups. Episodic variety occurs in people of any age. Reason: overeating, hypothermia, or thirst. Constant tormenting children.

I hasten to reassure, regardless of the variety, the problem can be solved without medical assistance. Water the child or distract with water.

  1. If the problem is caused by hypothermia, the child is warmed and watered with warm milk or tea. Do not hurt to change clothes in dry clothes.
  2. If the hiccup continues, ask him to take a few breaths and hold his breath for a while.
  3. Frequent or prolonged evidence of organic origin. Such hiccups indicate a disease of the nervous system or damage to the diaphragm nerve.

Remember, hiccups of an episodic type can not be prolonged. If it does not stop for an extended period, take the child to a doctor. The child is examined and sent to a neurologist. Perhaps it is caused by overstimulation.

Hiccups in a newborn

Only in the behavior of the baby there are changes, as parents immediately begin to worry and ask different questions.

I must say, hiccups in a baby are common. Since children are different, the duration of the problem also varies. After a certain time, it passes.

If the baby doesn’t stop hiccuping thirty minutes, that's fine.If the trouble worries much longer, you should always consult a pediatrician or consult a neurologist.

According to pediatricians, the cause of hiccups in a baby is a poorly formed connection of the brain with the diaphragm. The disease in the baby is often accompanied by bloating and regurgitation. This means that there is a lot of air in the stomach.

  1. If the problem is caused by overeating, do not overfeed the baby. It is not difficult to determine child overeating - the child abundantly spits.
  2. If during feeding the child swallows a lot of air, after a meal, it is worn by a "column", pressing your belly to yourself. After the regurgitation of air, everything will pass.
  3. Often appears in the child when feeding from a bottle. Milk flows quickly and the baby swallows a lot of air. Solve the problem by changing nipples or buying a new bottle.
  4. When breastfeeding also appears. See how the baby captures the breast. New posture feeding will solve the problem.
  5. If no other way stops hiccups, try giving the baby some water.
  6. Hiccups may indicate that the newborn is just cold. Put the baby on. After warming will disappear.

Over time, seizures will appear less frequently, then disappear. Remember, hiccough does not give the baby much trouble. In no case do not use the grandmother's method, do not frighten the baby. The best medicine is time.

If the infant hiccups cause you concern, contact your pediatrician. So, there is no cause for concern. Health to you and your child!

How to stop hiccups after alcohol

  1. Sugar. On the tongue pour sugar, slowly dissolve. Or dissolve a little sugar in a glass of beer and drink the resulting cocktail.
  2. Stale bread. Take a small piece and slowly chew.
  3. Crushed ice. Put a small piece of ice in your mouth and wait for it to melt.
  4. Glass of water. Some experts recommend drinking water in an unusual way - in small sips, rotating the glass around its axis.
  5. Paper bag. In a paper bag, exhale, and then inhale. The blood will increase the amount of carbon dioxide, which will quickly stop the hiccups.
  6. Physical exercises. According to athletes, hiccups after alcohol - a frequent phenomenon. Drinking alcohol is not recommended for them, but it happens. They cope through physical exercises - swinging the press and push-ups.
  7. Gymnastics. Hands knit behind your back and pull it to the maximum.Before you put a man holding a cup of water. Quickly drink in big sips. The diaphragm will relax and shrink again.

I recommend to abandon the use of alcohol and lead a healthy lifestyle.

This concludes the article on the fight against hiccups. I will add, hiccups are an annoying phenomenon that is not always harmless. There are cases when it indicates a serious illness.

  • Often brings discomfort to people suffering from pneumonia.
  • Occurs as a result of alcohol poisoning.
  • Smokers may become a precursor of a cancer in the chest cavity.
  • May appear for psychophysical reasons.

If she has a stubborn character and does not pass in any way, you should definitely consult a doctor.

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