How to stop blood from the nose at home

Why the nose is bleeding

In addition to mechanical damage, blood from the nose can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Constant stress, fatigue;
  2. Weak vessels;
  3. High blood pressure;
  4. The use of medicines and drugs;
  5. Sunstroke;
  6. Low blood clotting;
  7. ENT diseases;
  8. Dry indoor air.

This number of possible causes of nasal bleeding suggests that after first aid, you need to consult a doctor to diagnose what this is connected with. This is especially true of those people whose blood from the nose is a frequent occurrence.

What not to do if you are bleeding from the nose

nose bleeds

Before describing first aid to stop nasal bleeding, it is necessary to note what should not be done in any way:

  1. Tilting the head is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, blood may get into the respiratory tract or cause bloody vomiting.
  2. No need to lie down or throw up your legs. Such actions will lead to blood flow to the head, which will only aggravate the bleeding.
  3. Tea or coffee will increase the pressure, which can lead to increased bleeding from the nose or contribute to relapse. Therefore, at least a few days should refrain from these drinks.
  4. After the blood has been stopped, it is not necessary to show off for at least 12 hours. Such actions can provoke a recurrence of bleeding.

How to stop bleeding from the nose

how to stop nosebleed

  • Before taking any action, you need to look at the intensity of bleeding. It is also worth suggesting that blood has gone. Perhaps by knowing the cause, it will be possible to determine how long the bleeding will last. There are cases when the blood stops by itself.

  • You can insert into the nostrils from which blood is poured a piece of cotton dipped in water. A person must be seated on a chair with a back and ensure that he does not turn his head back. It is desirable that the head, on the contrary, was lowered down.

  • Slightly squeeze the wings of the nose with your fingers for a few minutes. This will accelerate the cessation of bleeding.

  • To narrow the vessels you need to attach something cold to the back of your head.

  • If the intensity of bleeding is high, and its origin is unknown, you should immediately call an ambulance.

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