How to stick a film without bubbles?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 22, 2013
How to stick a film without bubbles?

To protect the display of the tablet or mobile phone from scratches and stains, it is recommended to stick a special protective film on it. However, not everyone can do this trick from the first time. Under the film now and then strive to get dirt, dust, air, which in the end it interferes with the normal perception of information. But this can be avoided by knowing how to stick a film without bubbles. After all, following the simple rules, you can get rid of these little troubles.

Paste the film without bubbles correctly

In order to have less problems with sticking a film, one should purchase the most expensive one, since such a film is glued without bubbles. But if there is only cheap Chinese film on the market, then you will have to sweat to finish off a great result. First of all, you should be aware of the reason for the emergence of bubbles, and they appear on places of the smallest dust. Therefore, before sticking the film without bubbles, it is necessary to prepare the workplace,where there should be no dust.

For these purposes, the bathroom is well suited, as it is humid there, and even the smallest dust is removed by drops of water. First you need to thoroughly clean the surface of the tablet from dust, grease and stains. Only soap and water can not be used, you should use microfiber or cloths for utilities, you can wet, but only after they need to wipe the mobile screen on dry. Then you need to take a wide tape and glue the surface of the screen, after which you need to sharply tear it, it will remove the remaining dust. Now you can begin to glue the film.

The film must be divided into two parts and begin to glue it from the edge, carefully removing the protective part of the film. As gluing should smooth already pasted surface, leading is not yet glued part. Of course, it may not work out the first time, but it's not scary. If it was not possible to stick the film on the first time, and there were bubbles under the film, then you should remove it and start over again by sticking adhesive tape to the screen. However, it is worth considering that the dust is now on the film itself. It must be rinsed under running water, dried and only after that try to stick it without bubbles.

Some people often stick a wet or insufficiently dried film on the screen of a mobile phone. And this is not recommended to do, as water can get inside, and the device will stop functioning normally, which will lead to additional expenses for its repair. Therefore, it is important that it should be dry. Now you know how to remove the bubbles on the film, or even do without them, and your mobile will delight you with its perfect appearance for at least a year.

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