How to start a new life

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How to start life from scratch?

How to start living in a new way?

Surely, each of us at least once in his life wantedto begin a new life, i.estart from scratch. Some managed to do it, but some did not. But if, after all, this desire has overtaken you, then you should not ignore it, because this is a clear signal that at the moment something does not suit you in life, something goes wrong and you live completely differently. So is it worth taking the road that you don’t like, if you can change everything? Probably not worth it, and you need to try to start a new life. Remember that our destiny is in our hands. And who, if not ourselves, will do everything as we would like. Know that if any uncle or aunt doesn’t come to you and will not spread his hands all your problems - everything depends on you alone - it is important to know and understand.


So, if you realize that you want to change your life, or rather how to start a new life, the first thing you have to do is decide. After you have gained full confidence that you want to change your life, the next and main step will be - action.But in order to begin to act, it is necessary to go through several stages:


How to start life from scratch



1. Without fear and unrestpart with your past. Perhaps, for many it will become an impossible task, because manifestations of the fear of what will happen tomorrow, if today to part and trample all of your past, will certainly settle doubts in the minds of everyone. But you need to get rid of fear. Do not be afraid that there will be worse. After all, if you now want to change your life, then things are getting worse than ever. And even if it is worse, then you will be able to return to your previous life without any problems, because no one takes this opportunity from you. The main thing is to understand that how do you know if it will be worse or better if you don’t try this. And it is necessary to realize one truth in order to start life from scratch -“If you want to have something that you never had, do what you never did”.


2. It should bemake a list of all your problems. This is an important step in changing your life. In order to realize the whole essence of what you are not comfortable with in life, you need to create this list. In it, list all the problems and troubles that are happening to you today.Write everything in the smallest details. You must relive everything that excites you, and then burn this sheet of paper. You have crossed out all the bad things that have been bothering you.


3. It shouldfind a new hobby. Know that if you want to start a new life, therefore, it must be all different, all in a new way. Moreover, very often a hobby or passion saves a person from depression and an influx of bad feelings. But it's worth choosing is not something that just takes your time, but the best thing is what you have long wanted to do, then what you, of course, strive for. By the way, extreme hobbies are perfect for those who want to get rid of the accumulated problems and thoughts. You can do meditation - it also helps and relaxes a lot.


4.Find new friends. Try to find new friends that will be interesting to you. A new environment will help start a new life. It is necessary that communication with such people brings only positive emotions. You can start visiting interest clubs - this is not only entertaining and interesting, but also useful. But this does not mean that you need to break off all communication with old friends, remember that old friends are irreplaceable.It’s just that before, there were people in your surroundings who you reluctantly communicated with, and every time you experienced unpleasant feelings after the meeting, then you can break the connection with such people, because you didn’t bring any good friendship. And that means he can not bring it. But those people who have always been in your life, that is, true friends - let them remain so. That concerns new acquaintances - you should not contact suspicious people, organizations and sects - this does not lead to good.


5. Requiredhide all thingswhich will remind you of past life. Remember that you start everything from a clean slate and nothing should remain from the past, including memories. Some psychologists may recommend that you once and for all get rid of such things, that is, destroy them. But still you should not apply these measures. After all, when your new life is getting better, and you will remember the past only with a grin. Old things will help you to understand what you all did for a reason and achieved what you wanted, and the last negative is only in the past.


6.Change appearance. This advice is generally trouble-free.When you change your appearance, your inner world changes. You begin to feel differently, to do new things and things, and therefore to live in a new way. It is not necessary, of course, to radically change the appearance, but to change at least something, but worth it. Although you can change completely - this is as you wish. You yourself will see how your life and your behavior change. Of course, you do not need to become pretentious and arrogant, you just need to live and enjoy life. You need to start inventing something new in your hobbies and work. And if you really intend to start life with a clean slate, then you must necessarily do all of the above.


7.Consider all past mistakes.. Remember that mistakes that were made in a past life were not made in vain. They are given to you as a special lesson that should be learned and taken into account. And never again do what you did before. You should not suffer in anxiety and damage to your conscience - just accept, think, tell“Thank you fate for the lesson and life experience”and everythinglet go.


Remember that life needs to be the way you want it, and also so that then it's not a shame to remember your past days.Of course, it is impossible to change life in an instant by the wave of a magic wand, it does not happen in a day or even in a month, but still changes occur and life changes. Starting a new life is not easy, and no one argues with it. But in order to make your life better, maybe you should try to start? After all, it is better to regret what I did, than about what I did not. And it’s better not to regret anything at all, because you are creating a new life, where there are no mistakes, pain and negativity. The most important rule is to listen to yourself, your desires and your heart, and of course do not forget about conscience.

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