How to start a kitchen renovation

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Tips for repair. How to start a kitchen renovation

The main quality of the kitchen is not how elegant it is furnished, but whether it is comfortable and whether it is pleasant to spend time in it. Traditionally, the kitchen was the heart of the house, where people used to bake bread, eat, spin, grow children, warm themselves by the fire and rest after hard work.


Then there were times when the kitchen was removed from the eyes and turned into an inconspicuous room. Only now comes the understanding that the kitchen is the main room in the house and if you make repairs with your own hands, then do not hurry, think over the planning.


The first step in planning the kitchen is to determine what kind of kitchen you would like to see. You can even spend money and time to increase the kitchen space at the expense of other less important premises. Also consider the option of combining the kitchen dining room, because sometimes it's nice to talk with someone in the cooking process or watch the cooking process.


Layout of the kitchen workspace



If the kitchen is properly planned, then the cooking process will be enjoyable and will give pleasure to the cook. Modern kitchens are most often built on the principle of a “working triangle”, in the corners of which there is a sink with a sink, a place for cooking and a place for storing products. First of all, each of these places should be an independent unit with its own place of storage. Also inside the triangle there should be an opportunity for movement, especially between the sink and the stove. And besides, all three places must be logically connected to each other in order to save time on moving. An obligatory condition for equipping the kitchen is good ventilation and lighting.


Currently, the kitchen is transformed into a room that is filled with various electrical appliances and appliances. However, you should not overload the kitchen appliances, as some of them may become redundant for the family budget. Determine which ones you really need or may need in the future.


Modern kitchen has many requirements: the resistance of all its materials and surfaces to steam, water, odors and grease, as well as the ability to be easily cleaned.Also, with the transformation of the kitchen into a living room, designers are focusing not only on rationality, but also on coziness, comfort and a warm atmosphere.


Whatever cuisine you want, modern possibilities will allow you to realize all your fantasies. So, the old chimney can be used to accommodate a built-in stove or barbecue hut, high ceilings will allow to hide electrical wiring, ventilation and pipes. Think about what you can hide and what to provide for public viewing. Arrange the dishes beautifully and choose beautiful light furniture, and also do not forget about enough space to move.


How to start repairing kitchen walls



There are many materials that can be used for kitchen walls, as they are resistant to moisture and retain heat. These include cork, wood, ceramic tile. Vinyl and washable wallpaper glue with fungicide glue to prevent mold. When using paint, do not forget to prepare the surface, and also use only washable paints and paint an additional layer with your hands for durability.


How to start repairing kitchen floors



The floor for the kitchen can be different.So, vinyl and cork are easy to wash and absorb sound, tires are silent and practically do not wear out. Harder coatings, such as ceramic tiles or marble, are very beautiful and durable, but too cold and inconvenient for walking. Wooden polished floor is durable, warm, but requires constant sealing in places of wear and can be very slippery. A parquet is beautiful, but it is difficult to clean. Hence the conclusion: synthetic flooring materials are best suited for the kitchen.


Working surface



Laminate is often used for work surfaces. A more expensive option is the use of artificial marble, unglazed or ceramic tiles and mosaics. Hardwood, slate, marble and granite look beautiful, but difficult to maintain. To start repairs in the kitchen, the surface around the kitchen sink is very convenient to use stainless steel, as it is durable, hygienic and durable and is often found in professional kitchens.


How to start the choice of lighting



For the kitchen just need bright lighting. An important advantage in the interior of the kitchen will be natural daylight, but artificial lighting is also needed. It can be very convenient to use the built-in lights.Do not forget that the lockers, work surfaces, boards and drawers should also be lit so that during work you do not interfere with your own or someone else's shadow.


Window selection



Windows with blinds will be an excellent option for the kitchen, as they contribute to ventilation, make it easy to control the flow of light and adapt to temperature changes. If you like curtains, choose non-flammable and protect them from the place of cooking. A beautiful view from the window even allows you to do without blinds or curtains, just keep in mind that this will not allow direct sunlight to be controlled, and in winter the kitchen will lose heat. In addition, at night empty windows do not look very nice. See how to choose plastic windows correctly.


How to start heating repairs



Often, radiators and heating accumulators occupy a significant place on the walls. To free up space, use thermostatic walls, gas or electric heaters or heated floors.

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