How to start a car with a pusher?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
September 8, 2014
How to start a car with a pusher?

The car does not want to start, and start and go right! What now? You need to help your car: as the drivers say, pull it or push it. Otherwise - start with the pusher. Many have heard this expression, but not everyone knows how to start a car with a pusher. We offer you a brief instruction of such an emergency engine start.

We start the car with someone else's help

First we look for helpers and act in order.

  1. We sit behind the wheel, put the gearshift lever in a neutral position, turn the ignition key and give a sign to assistants to the beginning of the movement.
  2. As soon as the car starts to move forward, squeeze the clutch and turn on the second gear.
  3. We hold the clutch and wait for the car to accelerate to a speed of about 20 km / h.
  4. Very smoothly release the clutch, slightly pressing on the gas pedal.
  5. We wait for a push (twitching) of the car and the engine start, again squeeze the clutch and press the brake pedal.

We start the car yourself

This is quite possible in the case when the car is on the road with a slight downward slope. Then we proceed as follows.

  1. Turn on the neutral gear and turn the ignition key.
  2. We leave the car and make sure that the road is clear.
  3. We open our door (from the driver’s side) and, steering the steering wheel with one hand, with the other we rest against the door opening and begin to push the car forward.
  4. We accelerate the car to a speed of about 15 km / h and jump into the car, taking up the driver’s seat.
  5. Squeeze the clutch, turn on the second gear, slightly squeeze the gas and gently release the clutch.
  6. Do not forget that the car is heading downhill with acceleration and control the brakes.

To start a car with a pusher is necessary only in desperate situations. Because during an emergency start of the engine, elements of the chassis (gearbox, axle shafts, propeller shaft, clutch, gearbox) can fail; elements of the crank mechanism; belts (belt, power steering, generator, compressor). And this is a very serious damage!

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