How to start a bauble?

Fenichka is considered a symbol of friendship. If you decide to make a similar gift to your friend, then you should know how to start a bauble. After all, this stage of its creation will be the most difficult for you if you have not had the practice of such handicraft before.

Tips on starting weaving baubles

In order to start a bauble you just need to remember a few tips that will help you in the process of its creation. You will have to master the technique of creating various nodes. Thanks to them, you can weave. If you are interested in how to start a bauble from floss, then you will need the floss thread in two different colors. It is necessary to make a knot with their help. The ability to fix the threads has a very important role here, so that the bauble will be neat and strong enough. After all, they say, if it breaks, then your friendship with the person who did it for you is over.

When you make a knot, you hold one thread as a base, and make a second bundle along it. In this case, it is desirable to wrap it twice. You need to memorize several ways of how you can fasten the thread so that you can comfortably weave.You can use a clip, before this, lay out the threads in order. You can also use a pin and pin threads to the surface. You can also use scotch tape and stick threads to the table. There are a lot of options.

Instructions on the beginning of weaving baubles

So, to make a bauble, fold the threads in half, and at the top make a loop. Lead the thread tie at the beginning of the loop. Tie the threads into knots to make a loop. The rest of the thread should be tied according to the pattern you choose.

  • If you are interested in how to start a bauble from ribbons, then everything is quite simple. Buy beautiful colorful ribbons to make your handicrafts look bright. Put two ribbons together, one on another. By the way, when you buy a ribbon, it is desirable that its length be no more than 1 meter, 80 centimeters will suit you for making baubles. We make a binding with ribbons, as if it were a bundle. You should make a loop. Through it you have to push the loop of the other ribbon. Now you need to tighten the knot. But remember that this should be done carefully. Fenichka with ribbons will look much more beautiful if it is not too tight.
  • Now you need to make a new loop and drag it again through another ribbon. The procedure is quite simple. You will not be difficult to create baubles. The main thing to practice with the eyelets and knots and over time your technique will be much better.
  • Do not forget that anyone may not know how to start weaving a bauble, but this can be learned if you have a desire. The main thing, when you start to create it, when it comes to using floss, fasten properly the thread. Delight your friends with bright gifts in the form of baubles and they will appreciate your friendly gesture.

Baubles from ribbons look very elegant and beautiful. You can wear them for almost any image. Remember that starting to create baubles in the first steps all the nodules should be quite tight and strong, but do not overdo it. A little time, and you can enjoy the wonderful fruits of your own work, but this can not please you. Moreover, the bauble is a fashionable and stylish accessory.

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