How to spend the May holidays in Moscow

We have four days off (April 30, May 1, 2, 3). If you stay in Moscow, it is better to plan them in advance, because there will be many interesting events. For these little holidays we have prepared our special schedule.

April 30: See Bosch and Hamlet-Cumberbatch’s revived visions

While vacationers did not have time to come to their senses and did not create long queues, run to the multimedia exhibition “Bosch. Revived Visions "inArtplayon the Lower Syromyatnicheskaya. Who has already been on Van Gogh and Michelangelo, will not be surprised at anything, and beginners will have to adapt to the interactive (very exciting) format of the project.

“Bosch. Revived Visions

Thanks to Theater HD, we can watch great British theater performances in movies. If you have not gone to the play “Hamlet” of the theater “Barbican”, be sure to fill the gap - you have never seen such Benedict Cumberbatch. By the way, this may be the recent Shakespearean big date: 400 years since the death of the great Englishman.

Project cinemasTheater HDshow in a variety of cinemas in Moscow and other cities. April 30 in Moscow, "Hamlet" will go at 15.00 in the cinema "October".

The Hamlet of the Barbican Theater

May 1: take a walk on Khitrovka and watch a movie in the open air

In the Podkolokolny Lane (Kitay-Gorod Metro) a new cultural center opens.Khitrovka"- a multi-genre platform dedicated to Moscow and modern residents of megacities. The center will hold lectures, master classes, exhibitions, concerts, excursions. On May 1, a visual performance based on the paintings by Marc Chagall “In the Dark” (at 19.00) will be shown, they will be shown around the outskirts of Khitrovka with an excursion “Pre-war architecture on Ivanovo Hill: constructivism and art deco”, and on May 2, Alexey Bartoshevich will share his reflections.

Cultural Center "Khitrovka"

At the cinema "Pioneer»A summer playground opens, where you can lie down and watch a movie in the open air. Located summer screen is still in Gorky Park. In the evenings on the weekend will be shown the comedy “Horrible Lady”. May 1, the session will begin at 22.30, and before this will be a fun musical opening of the site.

May 2: go to one exhibition to choose from

You can learn more about how the Moscow metro was created and what will be waiting for it in the future."Moscow Metro - an underground monument of architecture"in the Museum of Architecture. Schuseva.

In the Pushkin Museumuntil May 15, the exhibition “Cranach. Between the Renaissance and Mannerism ".

“Cranach. Between the Renaissance and Mannerism "

In the Jewish Museuma large photo exhibition "New York's Photo League. 1936-1951. The birth of American photo documentary.

In the Museum-Estate of Muravyov-Apostleson Staraya Basmannaya there are 245 black-and-white photos of the Brazilian photojournalist Sebastio Salgado within the framework of Genesis exhibition dedicated to the problems of saving wild nature.

At ENEAin the pavilion № 64 "Optics" there is an exhibition "Cinema and fashion. Dresses of famous film actresses from the Alexander Vasiliev's collection ”, which presents clothes from the wardrobe of famous Soviet actresses.

In the Small Palace of the Tsaritsyno Manorthere is an interesting exhibition "Competition with nature", dedicated to porcelain "blendes", unique serving items simulating flowers, fruits, vegetables, animals, birds and insects.

May 3: go on a tour and a lecture on art

The Society of Walking "MoscowHood" on the last day of the first May holidays offers to walk around Razgulay Square, find secret courtyard courtyards near Myasnitskaya,talk about literature on Plyushchikha, touch on the history of Moscow Freemasonry, walk through Sokolniki and admire the architectural masterpieces of the famous Fyodor Shekhtel. The first tours start at 13.00. Sign up and learn more on the website "MoscowHod».

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