How do you spell "impossible"?

Yevhen Bakin
Yevhen Bakin
December 19, 2014
How do you spell "impossible"?

Today we will look at how the combination of the “not” particle is spelled correctly with the word possible: together or separately and in what cases.

The rules of the Russian language are quite complex, and sometimes make you think about the correct spelling. However, it suffices once to understand the incomprehensible topic in order to be confident in their literacy in the future.

How do you spell “not” with an adverb possible? Depends on the offer.


We define how to spell "impossible." If "possible" in combination with "not" creates a word with the opposite meaning, then we write together.

  • For example: It is impossible to have time to do it all in one day.

As seen in the example, the particle completely changes the meaning of the original word. In addition, by the way, you can pick up synonyms: you can not, will not work, etc.

"Not possible"

If there is an opposition in the semantic construction, it is necessary to write separately.

  • For example: This is not possible, but absolutely for sure!

In this case, the sentence itself has a word with the opposite meaning.

Now you know how to spell "not possible."In Russian, there are many rules for the use of particles with different parts of speech.

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